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Progress was slow this week due to various things, but I did get some stuff done!

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Okay, so progress was slow this week as I was busy with Independent Gaming responsibilities, Easter, schoolwork, etc. but I still got a bit done.

I am finally getting work done on its crafting system. I am testing the waters, not sure how the current one I am placing will feel overall, but I can change it if necessary. Basically, it is simply a part of the pause menu right now and whether or not it expands is yet to be seen.

Map splitting is also being done and that has given me a lot of trouble but this will most likely be the last time I redo the world map. I am trying to develop (with help) a script that lets me walk from one map to the other seamlessly without hopping onto a set area as that would break the open world exploration.

Things are going alright, if slow. But no hurry, right! For now, enjoy this screenshot of the half-finished statistics screen.

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