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Hello... Can Anyone Hear Me? If you can hear me, here is the latest News from The Wasteland! Ok, down to business.

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2015 Update

So. I was hoping to have had Alpha5 released by now, but it has been wearing me out, and about 2 weeks before christmas work halted due to the fact my computer was being stupid!I fixed it Yesterday, so work can resume as soon as I feel the need to flagellate my life with the task of doing modding!

Silver Lining

The Good News:
The upside of these delays and my own slow work progress has lead to some unexpected 'Hazzaars!'

New Content

Due to the support of a modding friend who has delivered a number of great code additions, we have taken a couple big steps forward in the mods development.
"What do you mean? We need Details Man!"
I hear you cry!
Well cry no more! Here cometh Details Man!

Map Code

We now have some brand new map code, that massively increases the chances of factions starting next to each other in a 'clump' (technical term) rather than being scattered to the winds.
This means that you will be able to engage in all manner of Raiding, Pillaging, and Despoiling of one anothers lands right from the get go!
No more sitting pushing enter waiting to get a technology for a unit capable of staring down the terrors of the wateland, now any old schmuch can hop next door to borrow a cup of sugar from his neighbour!
If he happens to accidentally knock over a lamp and burn his neighbours house down on his way out, well... It just can't be helped sometimes!


I hear you cry!
"With all these factions right next door to each other won't that cause problems like one culture quickly overrunning another!"
(Well Yes actually it did, and it really doesn't work very well unless you use Big Maps)


I know cry in verbal riposte, we added some more stuff!

Culture(Security) Defense!

We now also have a new feature that allows buildings to both strengthen and weaken a cities ability to avoid Culture flipping!
This code is brand new and will need lots of testing to see if we get it right.
It currently only applies a 100% defence to Vaults and Capital Cities (Making them immune to flipping), but we will be adding the effects to more buildings in the future.
So for example we will add in effects to certain 'Vault Buildings' that weaken it's resistance, such as allowing visitors or traders inside to influence your previously ignorant Vault Dwellers!

Possible Near Future Additions

I also had a lovelly surprise just before Christmas of the possible help of another Mega Modder, which could see (if I can sweet talk him into updating the source code with his new stuff)
The addition of some funky upgrades to the 'Archid Slavery Mod' which is a part of FTTW.
Including improved AI that will help to improve the use of slavers by the AI, as well as improving it's defence against slavers.
He also potentially offered me some upgrades to the Civics Code.
Which could allow even more power and variation for the civics.
Things like the ability to upgrade units outside of borders, or happiness modifiers from the Commerce sliders.
Not spending enough on research grants for your mad scientists? They will let you know about it!

What Am I Doing?

So what I need to do to get this build ready for release is 2 Jobs.

Story Event Prototype

I am still chipping away at the first story event, in the new Story Event System that was spoken of in the last Update.
Why is it taking so long?
It's big and complex and gives me a headache!!
I am now on to the last, biggest, and most complex part of adding it in.
Coding the Events.
This is the bit that gives you the actual positives and negatives of your choices, such as costing you gold or spawning barbarians.
There Is quite a lot to wrap my head around...
Some numbers to illustrate the point.
Almost 40 Choices
There are somthing like 200+ event strings and triggers
Plus Probably 100-200+ Text Strings (that had to be thought up and added in the code)
Nearly 40 Special Buildings, Units and Corporations added specifically for the Story Choices.
Not to mention learning how all the event codes work in the first place!
(this is still giving me a headache!)


I still need to go through and finish modifying the code for the placement of all the stuff in the GUI.
My plan at the moment is to set this up for a specific screen resolution (which I will mention when released)
Then if anyone for whatever reason cannot use this particular screen res. I will release other resolutions on request.
This is because the graphics will be much more detailed than the standard 'blank' boxes and things of regular Civ.
Making an effective Scalable HUD with Fallout Graphics is too complicated for me, and would take way too much time!

Happy 2015!

So that is what is happening in The Wasteland.
We are always looking for new people to join in and help.

You can find us here:


thanks so much for the update, we're still looking forward to playing your work!

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Nice update, thanks

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FamousSpear Author

Glad to hear you are still excited for it, sorry it has been taking me so long to get the next version done.

I just had another PM from the Mega Modder, about stuff that he could probably help me out with and it was just a whole bunch of stuff that could have been pulled from my wishlist!

Including stuff like reducing the overall size of the mod download, and a heap of performance improvements, so I really think the delay will be a blessing in the end!

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