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Latest progress on the BF40K-BF2142 Alpha Build V2.0

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Dear all,

I am unable to release to the public at the current stage as in game the mod needs to be stripped of all bf2142 content first. There are some remaining bf2142 weapons selectable in the Guardsmen class that need to be taken out.

Bunnysnot privately released to me today the latest alpha build 2.0 of the mod.

In this version he fixed a crash being caused in Alpha 1.0 linked to the Tau Hammerhead lacking a destroyed model.

The Tau Firewarrior with the Pulse Rifle and Pulse Carbine and the Imperial Guardsmen with a lasgun has been added.

He was testing destructible statics in this build with Lampposts able to be blown up with the Leman Russ.

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