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I have began creating the levels for "the mines" mod, so far, 1/20 is completed, but with a few errors that need fixing...

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I have started to create the levels of the mod, so far I have finished one level in the chapter " The Silence" which will have approximately 4 levels. Even though the first level has been completed, there are a few loose ends such as:
-Certain area of the level open up after a voice clip is played to give a background to the story, unfortunately, I do not have a voice actor to create the clips ( I can't do it, I'm too British...)
-The intro does not work, so that needs help fixing
-some parts are missing as it is still in beta development.

Apart from those problems, the fist level is finished out of 20, and don't worry, they are not going to bee too long, or too short, and they will have just the right amount of enemy's to keep you on your toes :)

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