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Time to engage an enemy Asteroid? Be on the save way and use a bunch of Asteroid Missiles! They are well suited to weaken the defense before you send your fleet there

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Asteroid/Asteroid Missiles

Strategic Missiles are another key element of the game - if you can afford to build them. They can be used to fire some explosives at another asteroid to either weaken the local defense or just to hurt the enemy in times, when you cannot afford or are not willed to send a real fleet there.

Missile Factories

In order to build them, you have to maintain Missile Factory Modules. Once crafted, those missiles are stored in the underground system of the asteroid and can be launched by Missile Launch Modules. As more Launch Modules you have as more missiles can be launched at once, effectively decreasing the chance of the enemy to counteract with Anti-Missile-Defense.

Missile Aiming

For each attack you can select an asteroid as the target and also set the approaching vector on the target asteroid. Missiles are not extremely accurate. While they all will hit the target asteroid it is impossible to directly set a point target for them. Instead you can decide which side of the asteroid they shall approach and they will impact there - with a bit of spreading.

Missile Types

There will be different types of Missiles. Some will just explode locally, some other will detonate with more or less damge, damage over time. There will be Vortex Missiles as well. Those are generating a powerful vortex traveling over the asteroid surface and damaging everything on its way.

Some missiles are powerful enough to deform the surface and some may have a chance to vaporize a whole asteroid. Fusion or Atomic Missles for example. In resource spare areas like the space, those missiles will be highly expensive too build.

Missile Defense

There are ways to defend yourself against missile strikes. The easist way will be to build some surface shields and/or beam-powered defense towers. The defense towers will be able to track the approaching missiles and concentrate their beam on them, aiming to let them detonate before they reach the ground.

Any feedback?

Let me know, what you think about this feature, also feel free to suggest different other missile types you want to see in Age of Asteroids!

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