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Hey Guys,
here's some new Stuff for you.


Well, After some work in my Holidays I've learned how to create good looking game effects. This means you guys will find a better physic and dynamic effects. As example: "Dynamic Rain" It will fall down like real rain and got nearly the same physic (Pictures will be avaliable soon, maybe a video).


Coding: - Nearly done with Python and creating the "Dynamic Rain".
Mapping: - Started to add spawnpoints and entities.
Modeling: - Somewhere nobody knows...


Serverside Python: - This will make you able to create your own entities, game functions and more.
New Physic: - Cool Effects (You'll need a better graphic card later.)
Server Admin System Lite: - A little system that makes you able to ban/kick player with a Menu. So you don't need to type any commands and you'll able to ban/kick faster.

Some things you should know: (Moved to description.)

GodofDarkness - - 548 comments

great to know thanks :)

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Deathace13 - - 196 comments

Great! Keep this mod strong for us :D

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elite879 - - 432 comments

It's like an RP server in Gmod, but you know, more...what's the word?

Oh yeah, EPIC

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