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Here's a preview i put together of this Mod, currently i have got this planned for release around December 25th i just need to finish a few more things and begin CBT

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Along with this i have skill sets for two more characters planned for V1:

The Darkness:
Damage: 76
MS: 320
Armor: 1
HP: 360

Default Skill:
Ethreal Phasing [On/Off]:
The Darkness can phase from ethreal to normal form
-Ethreal form grants invunerability to normal attacks
-When in ethreal form he takes 1.3x as much Damage

Skill 1:
Darkness' Force [Passive] [Universal]:
The darkness is one who absorbs all
-Passively sucks life of all enemy hero units in the area
-Sucks 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5% of their current HP every second
-Returns 50% of the sucked damage as HP to the Darkness
-400 AOE

Skill 2:
Lurk [Passive]:
The darkness can exist completely silently
-The Darkness can hide his existance but not fully
-Removes hero icon from map until within 500 AOE of a enemy hero
-Changes visibility of hero up to 60/70/80/90/100% depending on distance from an enemy hero
-Variable distance is 700/850/1000/1150/1300 AOE

Skill 3:
Darkness' Cloak [Active]
The Darkness shares its powers
-When cast on a hero they gain temporary Ethreal forms for 3 Seconds
-Also gains damage returned from Darkness' force equal to 50% as HP (Lasts 5 seconds)
-Cannot be cast on Self
-28/25/22/19/16 Second CD

Blackout [Active]:
Blinding the vision of all enemies.
-Causes all enemy screens to display black for 2/4/6 Seconds
-100 Second CD

Void [Active] [Magic]:
The Darkness unleashes a massive void of darkness on the area absorbing all who tresspass
-Deals increasing damage every second
-Deals 60 + (10*Current Duration) Damage every second
-Lasts 10 Seconds
-130 Second CD

Also The Vampiress:
Attack: 64
Armor: 3
MS: 210
HP: 520
BAT: 1.6

Default Skill:
Lust for Blood [Passive]:
Depending on the consumption of blood the vampiress can be weak or strong
-Energy of the Vampiress varies decreasing 3 per a second
-Maximum of 600 Energy
-Each attack grants 10 Energy
-Killing a Hero grants 100 Energy
-Potions CANNOT restore energy

Skill 1:
Consumption [Active] [Physical]:
Consumes a creep healing and granting energy
-Heals 40% Of consumed creep maximum HP
-Gives 40 Energy

Skill 2:
Regenerator [Passive]:
A vampire is known for various types of healing
-Grants HP regen varying on Level and HP
-4 Stages varying at <25%<50%<75%<100% HP
-0.5 HP regen * Level of skill * Stage of skill
-E.g. Max level 2/4/6/8 Hp regen

Skill 3:
Drain [Active] [Universal]:
Vampires can suck blood directly from a victims body
-Channeling up to 3 Seconds
-Drains HP and Mana every 0.1 Seconds
-200 Range
-Drains 4/8/12/16 HP (480 Max) and 2/3/4/5 Mana every second (150 Max)
-Returns to the vampiress

Ghoul Conversion [Passive]:
When a vampire sucks the blood of a mortal they turn into a ghoul
-When a unit is killed at night by the vampiress they turn into a ghoul
-The ghouls BAT, Damage, HP and MS vary by the level of this spell
-BAT 1.7/1.4/1.1 MS 190/230/280 HP 250/350/500 Damage 20/35/50
-Maximum of 5/8/11 Units

True Vampire Form [Active]:
Using all of her powers she unleshes her true power
-Drains 3 Energy every 0.3 Seconds, runs out when energy reaches 0
-Gives a surrounding aura which deals 30 Damage every half a second in 400 AOE
-Makes all existing Ghouls turn into 100 Health each when approaching 50% hp
-Makes the passive of ghoul creatin add Max HP by 3 Per an activation

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