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Phoenix team proudly presents their first game title, which is full of adrenaline excitement. You are in the role of a robot who was sent into virtual reality by a human race. One of our team member described the game: "it is easy to learn but hard to master".

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T.E.C. 3001 is a 3D arcade game with 3th person perspective. Game is developed for xBox 360 console and it will be released on xBox live indie service. Project is in final stage and currently is being tested. The goal of the game is to collect leftovers of the energy for human kind in a very harsh environment . The game provides good sense of speed. To complete the levels you will need keen eye, quick reflexes and most of all persistence. Game is very challenging.Handling the robot is based on three commands: jump, slide, charge. Also there are features like: Lunching pads, breakable objects and skydiving. Graphics is stunning and has Tron-ishlook. Also one of the cool feature is possibility of changing themes - user can adjust color of environment. At the end of each level there is interesting statistics with funny ranks. There are 21 levels. If you don't make any mistakes, you will need 1-2 minutes to pass each one. Some later levels requires a lot of attempts and playing.T.E.C. 3001 not only that looks good, but it is also fun. Check out our trailer:

The game will be released on Wed Aug 25th. Price will be 240 ms points.
Phoenix game studio win with this project in Indie Games Summer Uprising event.

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newbie2356 - - 140 comments

Hey, so that game actually looks kind of fun. I'd like to play it... but I live in Australia, there is no xbox live indie marketplace in Australia (government thing), do you have any plans to release on PC?

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phoenixgs Author
phoenixgs - - 5 comments

Yes we have plans to release on PC, but we dont konw any dates for now. The best way to find out about PC release is to folow us on facebook or twitter.

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medve - - 1,475 comments

the animations are pretty good for an indie, but the robot skin could use some upgrade. too simple for my taste.

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phoenixgs Author
phoenixgs - - 5 comments

It was our choice. We wanted to go with the simpler design of the robot. Gameplay is important :)

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Martini-562 - - 46 comments

This looks like an awesome game, and for only 240ms, I'd buy it if we had the indie marketplace in the Netherlands

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Awesome :D

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ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

I also think that the round robot design dosnt fit with the edgy levels. I would make him a lot more "Speedy" looking,and more detailed and edgy.

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