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This is all of the battles that happened before The Yuuzhan Vong war. I credit Ten10dix for writing the battles so this could be here

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Space: Battle of Thila:
The Republic attacked Thila because of it`s strategical position. When the Republic fleet arrived, they quickly dispatched the Interdictor Cruiser defendong the space above it with concentrated fire. I already knew of the attack and rushed their with my fleet. When I arrived I saw the Republic bombarding the Outposts and quickly ordered my fighters to engage their ships. I then used my Battle Meditation to influence the tide of the battle. As my fleet was tearing the Republic Fleet apart, my fighters were hunting down any of the bombers that were bombing my ships. The battle lasted around an hour before the Republic retreated.Victor: The SithSith Fleet: 20 Interdictor Cruisers (+960 fighters), 6 Sith Hammerheads (+72 Fighters), The White Shadow (+24 Fighters).Republic Fleet: 50 Hammerhead Cruisers (600 Fighters),Sith Losses: 4 Interdictor Cruisers, 7 damaged Interdictor Cruisers, 350 Fighters.Republic Losses: 14 Hammerhead Cruisers, 175 fighters, 200 bombers.Ground Damage:Sith: Outposts 1a, 2b, 2c and 3b destroyed. Outposts 1c and 3a damaged. 1500 Soldiers Killed. 15 Sith killed.Republic: NoneAnything wrong with the Battle? Did we lose more or less? Did they lose more or less? Contact me via PM and I shall talk to you their. If your points are valid I shall update the Battle.Space: Battle of Elom.
While we were devastating the fleet at Thila, the Republic sneaked past our lines and attacked Elom. They slaughtered most of the security and countless civilians. After the huge blood bath, the people of Elom relectuntly joined the Republic.Victor: The Republic.Sith Fleet: NoneRepublic Fleet: 15 Hammerhead Cruisers, 30 blockade runnsers, Admiral Airvipers Flagship, 20 fighter squadrons, 40 bomber squadrons.Sith Losses: ElomRepublic Losses: 6 Fighter Squadrons, 13 Bomber SquadronsElom Losses: A destroyed Capital, Entire Security Force, 28479245 civilians (nearly a quater of the Population)Space: Battle of Kuat.
While the Republic scum were raiding our shipyards at Fondor, I infiltrated the Kuat Shipyards and hijaced several fighters. I then placed huge amounts of explosvies into them and a small droid control system to control it from afar with basic orders. I then took my Sith Infiltrator and went back to the White Shadow and ordered the fighters to dive onto many of the Republic stations. When my small fleet finnaly hyperspaced into Kuat, we saw the whole shipyard burning. The Shipyards had all but been destriyed and the Republic defense fleet no more. Many o the ships under construction were trying to escape but couldn`t hyperspace for lack of completion. My small fleet wiped out all Republic ships in orbit. Then a large Republic fleet just came out of hyperspace. An Admiral was on one of them, I could sense it. I went into my meditation chamber and used the force to pull debris out of the devasted Shipyards and smash them at the Republic fleet while also using Battle Meditation to help the 2 Interdictors take down the Admirals ship. They were destroyed and all we lost were a couple of fighters and several corvettes.Victor: The Sith EmpireSith Fleet: The White Shadow (Darth_Ten10dix), two Interdictors, 300 Fighters, 15 corvettes.Republic Fleet:
Kuat Defense Fleet:
20 Hammerhead cruisers, 240 fighters, 30 Corvettes, 12 Space Stations.
Republic Attack Fleet: 35 Hammerhead cruisers, The Peace of the Core (Unknown Admiral), 50 Corvettes, 420 fighters.Sith Losses: 124 Fighters, 7 Corvettes, 1 Damaged Interdictor.Repubic Losses: 55 Hammerhead cruisers, 652 Fighters, 68 Corvettes, 12 Space Stations, The Peace of the Core (Unknown Admiral).Kuat Losses: After the Bombardment, 34% of Kuat`s landscape was devasted. Thats about a third of the planet destroyed. Nearly 1 billion killed. I have spoken with Kuats goverment and they are now glad to help us with anything we want. I doubt they shall serve the Republic again for fear of total anhiliation.(P.S. This is in retaliation to The Battle of Fondor which the Repblic won with IMPOSSIBLE odds, honestly though, 30+ Interdictors appranetly are inferiour to -15 Hammerheads >.The Sith Masacre: 30 Billion shall die because of the Old Republic:
Because of the recent betrayal by the Old Republic, I have begun a killing spree that shall hopefully kill 30 billion or more innocents. This is to make the Republic realise that betraying the Sith isn`t something worth doing. They destroyed the shipyards of Fondor. Ha! I devasted Kuat! 2 billion dead! Now more shall die! Here are the planets that have already been devasted:Corellia: 1.2 Billion Killed, Ship Yards destroyed, Corellien Defense Fleet obliberated.
Manaan: Ahto City destroyed, 1.8 Billion killed.
Kashyyyk: Rwookrrorro destroyed, 30 million killed, 10 million enslaved, 5 million exiled to the Shadow Lands.
Carida: Popilation completly destroyed. Cardia is now a barren wasteland.
Geonossis: 1.5 billion killed, 1 carrack cruiser and 18 fighters lost. Because of their lost, another 3 billion were slaughtered.
More shall follow. I have spoken to the Goverment on each would before the slaughter and told them that the Old Republic is to blame. The innocents killed died cursing Airaviper, Avenger and the Old Republic.
Long Live The Sith Empire!!!
The 2nd Battle of Fondor:
The people of Fondor saw what happened to Cardia and didn`t want it to happen to them. They rebelled and numerous Republic Outposts were destroyed. My fleet arrived and I dispacthed of the Republic Defense Fleet in orbit easily. They were so suprised to see us they didn`t even have time to charge their heavy turbo lasers. Then I awaited lord_of_pain and his complement of ground forces and he took the ground easily thanks to the many rebels. (lord_of_pain, PM me how you took Fondor and the casultys ect.)Victor: Sith EmpireSith Fleet: The White Shadow, 15 Interdictors, 1000+ Fighters, 50 Corvettes.Republic Fleet: 20 Hammerheads, 500+ Fighters, 30 Corvettes.Sith Losses: 1 Interdictor Cruiser, 87 Fighters, 3 Corvettes.Republic Losses: Everything.Battle of Foerest (Space):
The main Shipyards of the Republic have fallen. Using a new experimental weapon I have obliberated Foerest. This new superweapon is a modified Ravager. 3x Bigger than a normal Ravager and fitted with 2 experimental ion cannons that are large enough to shut down an enitre planet if necesary. It also has experimental sheilds that can take insane anounts of firepower and still stand. I have also fitted it with a new power generator which fuels on the Dark Side artifacts I have aqquired and placed on it. This means that it cannot be deactivated by any known means. It is also fitted with another superlaser. Although this superlaser isn`t powerful enough to destroy a planet, it can certainly turn one side of said planet into a barren wastleland. The only drawback is whenever the experimental ion cannons or superlaser is fired the ship powers down for a couple of minutes. It`s shileds lose 25% of their energy and the turbo lasers and point defense systems 90%. destroyed the shipyards using a fleet of 12 Interdictors and the modified Ravager which I have named "Vernichtung". The White Shadow is docked inside it`s huge hangers along with 2 other Hammerhead cruisers and 500 fighters and 250 Bombers.Victor: The Sith Empire.Sith Fleet: 120 Interdictor Cruisers, The Vernichtung, 10000+ Fighters, 5000+ bombers.Republic Fleet: 3000 Hammerhead Cruisers, 1500 Corvettes, 5000+ fighters, 3000+ Bombers.Sith Losses: 1200 Fighters, 580 bombers.Republic Losses: The Shipyards of Foerost. (luckily for them this was just a raid, next time I shall make sure their fleet is destroyed.)Battle of Rendilii (Space, by Darth Johnyboy1)
While my fleet was patrolling at Rendilii , a fleet of republic warships came to Rendilii under the command of a poo brain Admiral . On my Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser , my lieutenat ran up to me and told me " Rendilii is under attack by Republic scum" . I told him "Order the fleet to engage the Republic fleet and defend Redilii at all cost" . The lieutenat walked to the comm. center and gave the orders . I left the bridge and traveled to the hanger bay where my personal arc-170 was at . When i reached the hanger bay , i walked up to the tie pilots and told them "Hop into your starfighters and launch" . I then hopped into my Arc-170 and flew out of the hanger . Following me were 12 tie interceptors in 'v' formation . "Fighters coming in at 2:00" yelled one of my pilots . I responded "Split up in to pairs of 2" ."but sir they have launched 24 aurek tactical starfighters" yelled another pilot ."Ok then cover me while i take on a squadron" i said . "i'm hit" said the 12th guy in the tie squadron . "cr90 , pull in where their starfighters are at and blast them to bits" i yelled . After 1 hour the battle was over . My losses according to my lieutenat was 3 tie interceptors , 2 squadrons of tie fighters , and my arc-170 was damaged . They lost their entire fleet and the poo brain Admiral . When i got back to the bridge , i said "another victory for the sith empire" !Battle of Kamino (Space):
Thanks to Tharnis, a spy working for me, I knew that at Kamino the Republic were constructing experimental ion bombs, therfore i took the Vernichtung (who is not affected by ion attacks) and attacked the Republic Defense Fleet orbiting the planet. I immeditatly fell under fire as soon as I arrived, and it seemed the Republic launched an ion bomb. I saw as it exploded and deactivated many of their own front line ships. 4 Hammerheads and 5 foray blockade runners rell to the ion blast, but my ship was still at maximun capacity. The Republic realised this battle could not be fought using their new weapons and instead tried to outflank me. 5 Hammerheads were on each flank, 3 behind and 7 in front. I then unleashed the full power of this ship. I used battle meditation and concentrated it on the men operating my turbo lasers guarding the flank. Extreme amounts of heavy lasers poured onto the Hammerheads and 6 fell almost immediatly. The rest tried to escape, but failed and were quickly oblibetated. The Hammerheads to my rear were being destroyed by my fighters and bombers. Then I used the Superlaser on the Hammerheads in front of me. "Insensify power to the Superlaser. Divert all remaning power to the front deflector shields, we have not yet seen the radius of a full blast from the Superlaser." I told the Admiral. "Fire at will". Then a beam of pure green light began to emit from the front of the ship. It then fired on the nearest Hammerhead Cruiser. The blast was so big that 4 more Hammerheads were destroyed by the blast aswell. I then ordered the bombers to finish of the rest of the fleet and advanced towards the planet itself. I made contact with the Highest ranking Republic officer and asked them to surrender or I inflict massive damage to the planet. Although the Republic officer showed extreme courage and refused, the goverment officel requested that we do not attack the planet. In return, they grant us their cloning factories. I considered their proposal and agreed. I then asked the Republic fool to evacuate his troops before I changed my mind. They refused. I sent down my men to finish them of. The slaughter lasted 1 day, the Republic troops found many of the clones that were going to be shipped of to help the Republic turning on them. Screams were heard for 1 whole day untill finnaly the Republic surrendered. "What do we do with the Prisoners Sir?" A sith Captain asked me. I simply replied "What prisoners Captain?". That Captain nodded and shot the prisoners one by one.Victor: The Sith Empire.Sith Fleet: The Vernichtung (Darth_Ten10dix).Republic Fleet: Unknown amount of Hammerheads and Unknown amount of Forray Blockade Runners.Sith Losses: Space: 289 Fighters, 43 Bombers. Ground; 1079 Sith Soldiers.Republic Losses: Space: Their Defense Fleet. Ground: Their Garrison. They Also lost Kamino.

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