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Check out one of the final updates prior to the release for 'Cheeks of Steel' next month, featuring a pre-release trailer complete with in-game footage.

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As always, welcome back to the latest update for Cheeks of Steel, and what could very well be the final update before release. With just one month before we plan to put Cheeks of Steel available for free download, we are now entering the last few weeks of Beta testing, with just a few bugs left to fix (such as the scale of Tick and the grass texture in Indiana Harry). Therefore, due to our busy schedules and workload for the remainder of the project, we have decided to keep this update brief and simply present you our latest trailer, which reveals some of our additional levels for the very first time.

Additionally, if you haven't seen our interview with Havepie which was uploaded last month, you can check it out at the following link. Thank you all for your continued support and make sure you're around for our game's release on the 2nd June 2009!



omg LOL unreal 3 + hamster >.<

A hamster got nothing to do with unreal 0.0

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The principle was to use Unreal 3 to create a unique platforming experience, focused heavily on narrative.

In research we looked at what sort of characters were used in Platformers and based it on an Animal, and a Hamster was a pretty good choice theme-wise and style-wise.

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Well I thought I might add to the animations, if you want to add to the comedy feel, give the hampster a sway and bounce as they walk, so as it takes a step on the right foot, it's body sways right and vice versa.
This will also help with the relationship of voice and character, as right now, the hampster moves like a crazy robot, so I would expect more of a chirpy voice like Tick has, so by giving him that lazy looking sway and bounce to his step, it'll help with the relationship between the dopey lazy voice and the hampster.

The other thing that I didn't like was the voice acting, there is too much of a popping effect on the microphone, which makes the voice acting sound far too much like a voice over than the hampster actually talking. Try and put a non lubricated condom over your microphone or use the trusty metal coat hanger and stocking trick to use as a pop filter.
Another thing you might want to do is change the recording settings so that you dont get bass when the character is talking, as this yet again makes things sound like they're just being recorded and not really in the game.

Anyway, I hope all goes well with the project, i've always wanted to see a rat or hampster game in adventure style...however, not really like this, but in any case, it looks like it could be fun, so keep it up, and thankyou for doing something different! :D

BTW: does this hampster remind anybody else of the fat guy from Shaun of the Dead? He even has the wide eyes and buck teeth :D

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