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It has been a very stressful week this week. I have now set up Gene on Steam greenlight. I have had mostly positive comments which is a huge relief!! I also had some constructive criticism and of course some bad comments but you can’t please them all.

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It is very difficult to put your work out there for comment when it’s your whole life but I really am pleased by those who seem to get the idea of a retro platform game. That was always my aim, to create a game that reminded me of my childhood.

People seem to be divided over the graphics. My options were limited in this. I had no budget to get an artist (which is what I really wanted to do) so I have had to use free tile sets and my own artistic flare (which is limited). I don't think I could have done any more than I did but for next project I hope to be able use an artist. I want each game to be better than the last.

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