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I am happy to announce that patch version 0.5.0 is live! This version is to prepare the game for Steam Early Access. It improves almost every aspect of the game and to prepare it for launch early next year!

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After more than two Months of exhaustive play testing and optimization. My huge overhaul update is finally complete. You can check out the game on Steam here:

This was 2 months of grueling work to get to this stage of development, but so much has been improved and added. Including torches you can wield and place to decorate your hut with. Pull carts so you can haul large objects to help build your villages. And improved the weapons to better kill all those Mammoths with.


Some of the other improvements are a lot of Quality of Life additions. Inventory management improvements allow you to move and drop items more easily, and with more context sensitive options as well. Item help text and tool tips have been improved and cleaned up, and there generally more optimizations across the board which should improve frame rates.


The plan is to test the game through the holidays, make sure all the new additions and optimizations are working as intended, then once everything is ready the plan is to officially release the game into Early Access late January or February next year!

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It is really hard to believe that I am coming so close to the game becoming public. I am looking forward to working with the community, and continuing to add more content and interaction in game. To me watching people enjoy playing my game is the greatest feeling :)


I am still looking for a few more play testers to play the game before the Early Access release. If you are interested please email me at

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Twitter: Vantage Twitter

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