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The first playable demo is now available for download. The demo includes a basic singleplayer RTS skirmish mode and a tutorial.

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The first pre-alpha demo for Empyrean Frontier is finally available for download. The demo contains a skirmish mode with 2 1v1 maps and 2 AI settings, as well as 2 tutorial missions to explain how to play. There is also a listing of all game controls within the options menu and a graphics settings menu for customizing settings for your computer.

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo


  • The basic skirmish works much like other RTS games you might have played. Build up your base, construct an army, and destroy all enemy buildings (space station modules and lunar colonies) in order to win. Currently there is a choice of two playable 1v1 maps and two difficulty levels for AI opponents. AI opponents play with only the information that would be available to a human player, and currently don't recieve any extra bonuses. (You can play in observer mode to watch how the AI plays.)
Skirmish Game
Skirmish Gameplay

Watching AI Players in observer mode

Additional Notes:

  • The current version of the game includes one playable faction and a only the basic skirmish mode. Most ships and station modules are present in the game, although additional content will be added as development progresses and the current state of the game is not representative of the final product. This version is also currently provided without music and has limited sound effects, but I expect the game to be more complete before paid alpha release. Finally, any feedback on the demo (bugs, gameplay concerns, etc.) is very much appreciated.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • -Operating System: Windows
  • -Graphics Card: Directx10 compatible card (PCs with integrated graphics cards might not be able to run the game)

Reposting my comment on the download page, just in case it's harder to find there:

Great demo! Right at the start though, there are two things I wouldn't mind seeing changed:
1) Building station modules, switch the mouse buttons around, LMB - build, RMB - cancel (it's a standard in most rts games and I think people who play them are more used to it)
2) Cursor colour changes depending on the type of action (i.e. white - move, red - attack, blue - mine, etc.)

Other than that, quite an enjoyable game :)

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GaldorStudios Author

Thanks for playing! I did wonder about whether the mouse buttons were set up right. I think I’ll end up at least adding an option to reverse the setup for space station construction. Custom cursors are also something I plan on adding eventually, hopefully with little animations as well.

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