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I'm currently working on porting Rotion to C++, so that Rotion for other platforms will (hopefully) be possible.

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Just a quick update: I've been trying out SFML in C++, to see how viable it'd be to port Rotion. Looks like it's going to be a while before there's anything playable - but if it works, Linux and Mac ports would be very feasible.

I can't promise this is going to happen, I'm not even sure how to reproduce some of the existing features (fonts, text encoding for different languages and folder setups are all looking quite daunting).

It also means Rotion is unlikely to see a full release in October, although you can still play the alpha by pre-ordering here:

and get everything the full version offers (for a lower price, too!).

In other news, I just updated the Alpha and added some new powerups and shape types along with a Polish translation (thanks to Kamil Tajs). You can still get the demo here:

although it doesn't include the new alpha goodies.

That's all for now!

mastersrp - - 132 comments

I really do hope that you get a working port using SFML going! It would be amazing to be able to play this stuff on my netbook :D

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novemberdobby Author
novemberdobby - - 93 comments

Is your netbook on Linux or something? I started developing it on my own netbook and it still works :P

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aliendude5300 - - 88 comments

In the chance that you DO commit to a Linux port, send me a message, and I'll buy the alpha immediately.

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brutal_chaos - - 1 comments

I too will do the same as aliendude5300. I am always excited to hear about more (and play more!) games for linux.

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