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This is a list of possible features that could be added into the mod.

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New Suit.

A light puke green combat suit would give the mod a new identity. It would also allow for easier marketing, and interesting gameplay progression.

Possible Attributes.

The Suit would have modules you collect throughout the MOD. Resistance to Fire, Electricity, etc; perhaps?

It would also be useful for a potential sequel...

It would require it's own power source, perhaps when being empty, you cant sprint or use the flashlight?

Models for this suit and power source.

I'm not a modeller by any means. So, perhaps i should learn something? I could edit pre-existing models, or idk.


I could give that a shot, it doesn't seem so hard to do. It would be editing a few files in the mod, and making new ones.

Narrative Ideas.


Tapes? The Document function already exists, but tapes from Big Brother or other entities could make it a bit more personal... There would no abundance of tapes, rather they would be sparce and a fun side puzzle. Perhaps morse code to hide a message? It needs some work...

Terminal Videos.

Purely a late game thing. When you're in Chapter 3, 4, 5, you could see some video on a infinite feedback loop (or something idk lol)

Puzzle Ideas.

Chapter 3's Puzzles have been a mix of Algebra, Mathematical Sequences, and shooting stuff. Maybe some physics based puzzles in some later levels in Chapter 4, or Auditory Instructions which require to hear a tape and then press a button for the answer. Kind of like audio CAPTCHA.


I'll shoot it out there, but not much here because return to ravenholm explored it. I know that it never came to light, but i still like to be original to some extent.

Mechanical Stuff.

A new Weapon/Tool (TOOL is good) could be a wrench used for melee and puzzle purposes. Repairng certain things to allow a gate or button to work. This could also tie into the electricity idea.

The Issue of Adding in a New Weapon.

There is really no clear point in the mod to add a new weapon. Where could you even obtain it? Big Brother's Lab? Whilst that is plausible, the probabillity of it being useful is not great... What are your thoughts?

Other ideas.

Quick Throw Grenade, Weapon Reskin, Flamethrower, Stat Changes for Weapons and Player, etc.

STRATIGRAD LOGOI'm forced to put these images here.d3 stratigrad 030001

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