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Want an expert map? Want the vmf source files? Make a comment, drop me a line.

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I was digging around and looking at my old vmf files for the game, which, I forgot that I didn't include. And I found one that I'd started but didn't have time to finish that was an expert map. It revolves around making remote controlled robots to preform tasks. I'll complete it and release it if anyone is interested. I'd also release the other vmf files if anyone's interested. The maps could use some decorating. :)

I have part of one room made, I think I'll probably make several rooms. Maybe a dangerous maze or something I haven't decided yet. I'm new to map making and could use an artist to touchup my functional but drab looking maps. If anyone's interested I'd love to work with you on it. I'll make content for this and update it based on interest, even one person is enough. So don't be shy.

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