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Announcing that Portal Timestall is looking for some developers to get the project moving!

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The test shown in the development showcase

Hey all!

Welcome to Portal: Timestall. This isn't an official announcement for the mod, (that'll be coming later) this is more just a way for potential developers to have a unified space to see what Timestall is all about. Later on in the timeline we will have a proper launch with all the official images, videos, and descriptions but right now this is just the bare essentials. We hope this page in its current form will help interested developers see all the current information about the mod.

If you've found this mod on Moddb and you are an interested Puzzle Designer, Level Designer, 3D Modeller, Texturer, Animator, Composer, Story Writer or Concept Artist feel free to shoot me a dm on Discord at Tweety#6866 and we can discuss the details. For the rest of you I look forward to properly introducing you to Timestall later on!

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