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The mod is finished, and available on Steam for free.

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Hey everyone!

It's been a very long time since we've posted anything on our modDB page. That doesn't mean our mod is dead, quite the opposite. After four long years of hard work we're very proud to announce:

Portal Stories: Mel has been released!

On june 25th we've released our mod on Steam. If you own a copy of Portal 2 you can download our mod for free. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our Steam page and download the mod!

We hope you enjoy the mod!

Annemieke (Lpfreaky90)
Lead Developer Portal Stories: Mel.
Below some quotes from Steam reviews:

Puzzles are way more challenging and you will get stuck from time to time screaming !%#$ this #45#$%#....! but then you'll find a way to solve it and be like 'am i that stupid... this was so simple...' Very professionally done.
Feels either considerably harder than either of the original games or I'm too rusty.
Regardless, if you liked either Portal, you can't possibly go wrong with this.It's been awhile since my brain last had a workout.Best Portal 2 Mod ever created.
- awesome SFM Animations
- beautiful Maps
- great voiceactors
- great story
- medium ~ difficult puzzles
I completed the mod in 5.2 hours.
Its free and the quality as good as valve.

I finished it last week and I have to say it was quite good for a mod. It was long enough and the puzzle were challenging too, mostly on the last chapters. Congrats on your release on Steam too.

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Here's my quick thoughts on the mod.

The beginning chapter(s) were a little drawn out, but it all pulled together in the end - I don't really know how to swing on this issue. Honestly though, I think the tram segment should be radically shortened, and maybe the 'above ground' area as well. In my personal opinion, if it went for the ending cinematic, the game should have started in the salt mines (with the tram connecting directly to the above offices).

Also, the topside to salt mine elevator was just way to long. I get it's purpose, and it was very cool... but the same effect could have been achieved with a break of vision and loading time; upon the load, it would only be roughly 30 seconds until it touches down on the ground.

In some areas there was a severe lack of direction. I find that some of the 'easier' tests were actually harder then more complex ones because a small detail was missed (the one with the dripping blue gel behind the deadly laser grid comes to mind). The ending chapters actually had some really good direction, and although the tests were difficult, the direct eventually lead to a solution.

In some tests, the solution involved things that hadn't previously been displayed. I could name a few, but one in particular involved throwing a cube into the air and using a light bridge to catch it. It was actually pretty difficult.

Other tests could be solved by cheating. In the rundown test chambers, there's a test involving jump gel and light bridges. If you spam the floor with blue gel you can pass the test with only 2 portals. Also, because of a lack of direction I was forced to cheat on some chambers.

Anyways, I really liked the mod. It was one of the best portal 2 mods released so far and I'm grateful for having gotten to play it!

EDIT: I wanted to add that if portals are placed in the correct places in specific timed areas (and the correct sequence), fizzlers can be bypassed and the puzzle can be passed in a variety of ways. Again, when the solution is not apparent with direction, sometimes this is the only way to solve a test. Because of this, tests become very hard and drawn out. Please consider revising the direction of your mod with an update.

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