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Announcing the official sequel to Portal: GTE, and answering some questions.

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Welcome back to the garbled, nonsensical, hilarious, and oddly sociopolitical Enrichment Center that you know and love! Here is a mistranslated version of the Aperture Investment Opportunites #1.

We are looking for voice actors!

Interested in being a voice actor for Portal 2: Google Translate Edition? Click here for more information!

We now have all of the voice actors we need to go through with the project! Thanks to everyone who auditioned.


Q: Wait, isn't there already a Portal 2: Google Translate Edition?

A: Yes, there is a separate mod of the same title developed by a different person. However, if you are looking for the official sequel to Portal: GTE made by the same creator, then you have come to the right place!

Q: How did you translate this? What language(s) did you use?

A: For each line of text/dialogue, I put it through a varying amount of languages until I got something funny or interesting. The languages I most commonly use are: Latin, Hawaiian, Maori, Xhosa, Kinyarwanda, Gujarati, Urdu, and Sinhala.

Q: Why not use text-to-speech/A.I. generated voice for the dialogue?

A: For one thing, voice acting is so much more fun than just having a machine do all of the work. It also arguably gives these mods more character. Plus, A.I. technology, while incredibly impressive, is currently not at a state where it can handle something like this. If you've ever used A.I. voice programs for even a moderate amount of time, you'll know that they often slur, mispronounce, or skip certain words entirely. Voice acting is altogether more reliable in this regard.

Q: Do you have a release date for this mod?

A: Right now, my goal is to have the mod ready to be released sometime in the Summer of 2022. No promises, however!

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Oh I like this.

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This is gonna be good...

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