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Bitl blabbers about this very small update. WINGS AND HORNS have been added!

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Hi everyone!

This was planned to be a much larger update. However, as I've begun working on FIREFIGHT RELOADED again, I decided to release what I had.

Very small update, however it adds something that I've wanted in PoneDM from the beginning: HORNS AND WINGS! These are cosmetic, but it allows you to make a Unicorn, Pegasus, or Alicorn in PoneDM.

This is very small so there's not a lot of things to talk about but these new changes should enhance the customization experience in PoneDM. Bots can also be seen with these new customization options as well.

Have fun with these new customization options :D

Images, download, and changelog below!

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hl2 BfWHGT2M2I


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hi :)

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PoneDM Release 1.1.1

Release 1.1.1 (Released 2-19-22):
Mane changes:
- Added various horn and wing options!

Misc. Changes:
- Renamed "Swishy 3" to  "Intellectual"
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