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Bitl rants about the next release of PoneDM! Icon art by Spoon! (@Sugarfrogg_ on Twitter)

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Hi everyone!

9 months ago, I released PoneDM Release 1.0, which pits colorful horses against one another in various Half-Life 2 Deathmatch battlefields.
It also serves as a testbed for various features planned for release for FIREFIGHT RELOADED: ENDGAME and any other Source mod projects I work on or contribute to.

As preperation for FIREFIGHT RELOADED: ENDGAME, I have decided to revisit this project to implement new changes to the mod.

Have a look at the changelog:

Mane changes:
- Added an Instagib mode.
	- Railguns with infinite ammo. One shot, one kill.
	- Ponies are dismembered on death when when gore is enabled on the client.
	- Ponies cannot pick up weapons or items.

- Added Linux support. (Thank you to Cyanide for help with this :D) (TODO: RECOMPILE AFTER UPDATE)
	- Compiled and tested under Pop_OS (Ubuntu).

- A model preview will now appear in the customization panel!
	- Press and hold the left mouse button to rotate.

- You can now remove your upper mane and tail.
- Gamemodes are now considered 1 option.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed custom weapons not being given with "impulse 101".
- Fixed some gore effects not working when gore is enabled.
- Fixed a bug where the viewmodel wouldn't hide when zooming in on high FOVs.

Misc. Changes:
- Moved the gamemode-related options to near the basic server settings.
- Set the default FOV to 90.
- Added more bot names.
- Added a custom spray made by spoon (!
- Bound "t" to the spray key by default.
- Fixed the texture for spray_canned.
- Changed the pony color for the Blue team when Teamplay mode is enabled.

It's not that large, but I'll address the big features.


This is a mode where its is killed or be killed. Inspired by various arena shooters of the 90's, Instagib for PoneDM gives players a Railgun with infinite battery that they can use against other ponies. However, all players only have 1 health point. Every hit you take will get you killed. Also, players with gore enabled will be able to witness the "gib" part of the name. Ponies are dismembered on the highest violence level upon ANY death.

hl2 2YKtW4swaE

hl2 7ezcICYbq1

hl2 cEbh16bSTp


For the very first time ever, PoneDM is availible for Linux platforms! This was one of the main goals for this update, and the same treatment will come to FIREFIGHT RELOADED: ENDGAME and other projects. PoneDM was compiled under a fork of Ubuntu (Pop_OS), allowing for compatibility with most Linux systems.

Screenshot from 2022 01 18 15 04

Screenshot from 2022 01 18 15 04 1


In the customization panel, you will now see a model of your pony. The model changes and updates depending on what you change in the menu. You can also rotate the model by clicking and dragging in the menu.

hl2 j7WEZywo2A

hl2 NJOZNfow6x


hl2 cAE4DSNClJ

This update, despite not bringing much changes, has added things that change the experience of PoneDM and makes it accessible to many players.

I'm unsure if this will be the last update, though. It might not be if I keep this up. :/

Grab it here, I guess.

ponedm release 1 1

- Bitl

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