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I will be asking questions concerning the game, as in zombies, weapons, controls and ideas.

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1. Zombies. Do you want them to run, or to walk ?
2. Do you want special zombies ?
3. Do you want to customize your weapons, characters, and more ?
4. Do you want the zombies to only come out during the night ? Or any time of the day ?
5. Do you want drivable cars ?
6. Zombies Dogs ?

I think that's it for now, but you can also ask me too and I will post more questions in the next update.
Jobs now open !
Apply for anything.PM me and send me you email address as well. It would speed up our updates and the release for the game.

Expect an update soon !

blubswillrule - - 561 comments

1. either
2. NO
3. sure...?
4. depends, is there anything you have to do during the day?
5. YES,an open freeroam world like gta with zombies would be epic :D
it would offer variety, and it would make it awesome :D
6. maybe.. you have to be carefull with this one, too much might kill it. :\

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~YouPhailToAmuse - - 136 comments

1. Both.
2. No.
3. Yes, I think weapons should start out looking like crap, covered with duct tape and bent/off iron sights, then as you progress through the game you can purchase upgrades for each gun.
4. Maybe some streets clean of the undead in the day would be nice.
5. Yes, but don't go too overboard with the ability to drive the the hordes. Maybe make vehicles purchasable or unlockable?
6. The occasional rabid dog will do, make dogs immune to the virus, and possibly have dog as an assistant, like Fallout(and if the dog dies, you can find one exactly the same where you found the first one. Or in a randomly generated safe spot.)

Thems just my thoughts.

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Tone-Malone - - 257 comments

Don't bother with that :P Keep it simple, It'll still be fun.
Night time only
YES, I want to run over some zombies! But make the cars have damage so it doesn't make the game too easy
No dogs. I don't like killing dogs, zombie or not....

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f34rthereaper - - 202 comments

1. both
2. NO
3. yes
4. hav to c how that system will work
5. u bet!
6.sure, but don't overdo it w/them

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Biodude - - 2,028 comments

Let me ask you this, do you have any idea/the means to make these?

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