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Currently, PokéWorld is in Alpha but will be getting a big update very soon. Regardless of that fact, there are a lot of features that are present within the Alpha. Below is the current rundown of what is in the current version:

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- All 802 Pokemon are currently in the game, excluding alternate forms + mega evolutions

Level Cap

- Current Lv. cap is 1000

Searching Options

-Players can search for pokemon in 4 of the traditional ways currently, exploring, surfing, fishing, and hitting (headbutting) trees.

  • Exploring: searching for pokemon in tall grass
  • Surfing: searching for pokemon in bodies of water by surfing in said body of water
  • Fishing: utilizing a rod in hopes of fishing up a pokemon
  • Hitting trees: headbutting a tree in said location in hopes of a pokemon appearing

explore options

- These options are all in semblance to where you would be able to explore grass / surfing / fish / headbutt trees in the main series / traditional games

Encountering Pokemon

- Once encountering a Pokemon, you have two options, either run or battle. There is a 30 second timer to choose either command before the pokemon escapes from you


  • Run: running away from a pokemon so you may resume searching for a new pokemon
  • Battle: This will initiate a battle with the opposing pokemon. The battle is completely automated, and the results of the battle, as well as the rundown will appear after entering this command.

If one of your pokemon faint, the next one will automatically be put out and appear in the message as well.

If you're able to K.O. the opposing pokemon, you're then able to attempt to catch it

  • Catching: Once having K.O.'d an opposing pokemon, you have 30 seconds to attempt to capture said pokemon by throwing as many pokeballs as you want. You either catch the pokemon in the 30 seconds, or it regains composure and escapes
    Currently you can only use Pokeballs, Greatballs, and Ultraballs to catch pokemon

battle catch

Spawn Locations

- The spawn locations for the regions are based off of the main stream (traditional) games.

  • Kanto: FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Johto: HeartGold, SoulSilver, Gold, Silver, Crystal
  • Hoenn: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, OmegaRuby, AlphaSapphire
  • Sinnoh: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Dual-Slot Mode: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen
  • Unova: Black, White, Black2, White2
  • Kalos: X, Y
  • Alola: Sun, Moon

Starter Pokemon

- Currently, your starter pokemon is assigned to you randomly

Each region's starters are the same 3 from the traditional games

Kanto has 5 starters, as Pikachu + Eevee are added to the starter pool in memory of Pokemon Yellow

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Legendary & Shiny Pokemon

- Legendary Pokemon are in the game. Their locations are the same as to where they appear in the traditional games

-Pokemon all have a chance to appear as a Shiny as well





- Currently all 7 regions are in the game as options to start your adventure at (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola)

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- All routes from the traditional games are in PokeWorld

Certain routes may be broken, or have issues, such as no exit from a certain location

Certain locations are missing as well

Travelling Options

-Movement throughout the maps is similar to the regular games. You're able to move 1 route at a time, in the directions north/south/east/west

-You can also visit a location, if applicable, by visiting a location that's either north/south/east/west of where you are currently


Region Travelling

- At this moment in time, mobility between regions is not a feature

-Players that starter in Kanto/Johto are able to travel between both, either utilizing SS Aqua or the routes connecting the two. This is due to Kanto+johto being connected


Trainer Utility:

Trainer Card

- Players are able to view their trainer card

Trainer card details information such as Trainer Name, Gender, Starter Pokemon, Starter Region, Current Currency, & PokeNav Number



- Works like traditional Pokedex. Logs info of any Pokemon Seen, and Pokemon caught

Can refer back to this for Pokedex Entry on said pokemon

-Shows tally of Pokemon Caught, as well as Pokemon Seen but not caught




- Players can view their backpack to see what items they have on hand

Can check info on any item within backpack

-Players start with 5,000 Pokeballs currently



-Able to load up belt to see the 6 Pokemon on them currently

Can go more in depth to see stats of each Pokemon




- Players currently start with 500 PokeYenny

- Only method to make money is to tell some of the 5,000 Pokeballs you were given at the start



- Located in every town/location that they were in traditional games

- Players can go to a Pokecenter to heal their team to full for 25 PokeYenny

- Can view your whole storage list at a Pokecenter (Infinite amount of boxes)

Also have the ability to withdraw/deposit pokemon from storage



- Located in every town/location that they were in traditional games

- Currently only Pokeballs/Greatballs/Ultraballs are purchasable

  • Pokeball: Cost: 200, Resale: 100
  • Greatball: Cost: 600, Resale: 300
  • Ultraball: Cost: 1200, Resale: 600


Future Updates:

Fix Routes + Locations

Pokemon Evolving

Regional Movement

Battling Trainers

Battling Gym Leaders

and much much more!

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