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POE is a very complex game. There are many ways to make this easier. In this post, we will introduce an interesting script to help you check the prices of goods on external websites with a single click.

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Path of Exile is a very complex game with lots of intricate systems that are tough to understand for beginners. The biggest learning curve that is very often too big to overcome for less and even more experienced players - is the trading system. It is tough to estimate the exact prices on dropped items since every piece of gear that you will find has tons of different statistics that might affect its value. Even players who spent hundreds of hours in the game don't know the exact prices on every piece of gear that they come across. You might use external websites to look for the value, but it's time-consuming, and there is a better way to do that - PoE Trading Macro. In this guide, we will explain to you what it is and how you can price check with a single click.

What is Trade Macro

Trade Macro is a Script for AutoHotKey program that allows you to check item prices on external websites by clicking on an item. The script downloads statistics and the name of an equipment piece and looks for similar items that are listed on trading websites. When it finds the price of them, it creates a temporary document that shows you what value you can expect for your gear.

Is it against game's regulations

Luckily it is not. Path of Exile developers (Grinding Gear Games) are allowing for this type of helpful scripts. They do realize how hard it is for players to estimate prices on their items, and therefore anyone can use Trade Macros. It doesn't affect the gameplay in the wrong way - on the contrary, it allows players to understand item pricing better, which means that fewer people are getting scammed on their trades.

How to get it

Trade Macro is a script that works on the AutoHotKey program, and therefore you will need to download this one first. To do that, visit the website and download the version that matches your system. Now go through the easy installation, and you are ready to start with the script. Keep in mind that you do not need to open up this program, as it will automatically run as an alternate tab when you begin to use your script.

Start by going to the Trade Macro GitHub and look for the latest release of the script. It should be packed into a ".zip" file, so make sure to extract it after the download. Now you can run it with a double-click on "Run_TradeMacro.ahk." Since all of the updates are automatically applied when you run the script, you do not have to worry about updates on your own. When an update window pops up, make sure to select the folder where you have the current version of the script installed. Overwrite already existing one with a new version, and everything will be automatically replaced. Keep in mind that you will have to use windowed or borderless mode in the Path of Exile for this script to work. You can check if your script is active by looking at the tray in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Key features

Default Search

The most important part of this program is a function that allows you to check the price of items. The standard shortcut for this action is Ctrl+D. By pressing those buttons together while hovering over an item with your mouse, you will search the PoE Trade database for the item prices. It is worth noting that not every item's price will be exactly what you are looking for. It works fine for Gems, Uniques, Divination Cards, Flasks, and Orbs, however, Rare items are a different story. There is a wide variety of Rares in the game, and all of them have multiple lines of bonuses - because of that, it is hard to find two similar Rares and the program struggles with price comparison here.

Advanced Search

Through the combination of Ctrl+Alt+D, you can access the advanced search option. It allows you to not only search for the item that you have on the market but also to set the values on every affix and suffix that you have. You can choose whether you are looking for a better or worse item and for what values are you're after. With this function, you can max out your resistances easily and look for equipment parts that will fit your build.

Item Info

Another important feature offered by Trade Macro allows you to check the Item Info Settings (Ctrl+C). It shows you the essential properties of an item that include things like item base, item level, types of affixes, tiers of affixes, and a hint on whether the line is an affix or suffix—an essential tool for everyone who crafts gear.

Advanced Item Info

Items with hybrid affixes and more complicated stats might be harder to identify. On those, you can use Advanced Item Info (Ctrl+Alt+C) that searches for the mouseover item on the path of info website. It is more accurate and allows you to get a detailed breakdown of your piece of equipment.

League Selection

League Selection will be vital since you want to search for the items that are from your current league. To switch between leagues, you can use Crtl+L shortcut.


Here we present a list of keys that you can use with Trade Macro script. They will allow you for quick access to the most important features.

Item Search

You might quickly look for items that are listed on the by using Ctrl+I shortcut. It will let you access the search option on their site without leaving the game.

Item Age

With Crtl + E shortcut, you can access the age of an item that you have listed on PoE.Trade. It will also show you how long it has been since you posted your offer and on what day exactly that happened. It is an important feature if you are trading multiple items at once. As the league goes on, most of the items fall in terms of the price, so if you see that your equipment piece was already listed for a week or two and no one bought it, you will indicate that you overpriced your offer.

Wiki Page

Ctrl + W shortcut opens a wiki page of an item that you are hovering over. Your default browser will be used for that.


F5 button is responsible for typing "/hideout" and clicking enter for you. With this one button, you can teleport from a safe zone to your hideout.

Stash and Vendor Search

Ctrl+F, while hovering with a mouse over an item, allows you to look for the same base item that you have chosen within your Stash or on the Vendor menu. You can also expand your search with a Ctrl+Alt+F to access more advanced options. It is handy during crafting, where you are looking for multiple item bases of the same type.

Stash Scroll

With the Trade Macro script, you can now Ctrl+Mouse Wheel on your Stash to quickly scroll through the pages. Useful if you want to quickly deposit multiple types of items that are on different pages.

Pause and Exit

The script can be immediately paused with the Pause Break button and terminated with Ctrl+Escape.


Poe-trademacro provides your account with working support in form of price checking and item information. No matter how fast your computer is - switching between tabs and searching for prices will be always slower than a good Trade Macro. With that GitHub script, you may also try additional tools that were added to improve the player's quality of life just to make it more convenient.

Besides the Loot Filter, Poe Trade Macro is one of the most useful additions for Path of Exile that will simplify few complicated things during your gameplay. Since it is a free feature that anybody can download and because it is legal to use, there are absolutely no reasons not to get it. Every Path of Exile player should install Trade Macro, and we advise you to get it as well.

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Today in PoE it is crucial to get good macro if you aim for top places on the ladder. Adjusted builds are not enough anymore as we see in an example of Metamorph league - everyone from the top100 uses scripts. Many players from the top even code their own files just to be ready in time for the next content that's yet to be released. On the live servers, however, you can reach for the highest places in rankings with just a last release of GitHub Script.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Trade PoE Macro allowed?

Yes, it is. Grinding Gear Games already stated that it doesn't break any game rules.

What is Poe Trade Macro?

It is a script for the AutoHotKey program that adds tons of useful shortcuts for PoE, including price checking.

Can you use Macros in Poe?

You surely can, but for that, you will need an AutoHotKey program.

How do I change my league in Poe Trade Macro?

You can do that via the settings menu (right-click on the script at system tray in the bottom right part of the screen).

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