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I've blender'ed the storyline about as much as possible, so take a look at it =)

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Check out the new images here and here

So, after some head scratching, here is the storyline

  1. Arrive in City 17
  2. Head to kliener
  3. Head through the Canals
  4. Head through the Wasteland
  5. Ravenholm
  6. Black mesa East
  7. St Olga
  8. Nova Prospekt (Rescue Alyx)
  9. Boat ride to Kraken Point
  10. Resistance Assault on Ostrov Kolguev
  11. Air Exchange (continues from 10, sparks rebellion)
  12. One way flight to Skyscraper (Overwatch Nexus)
  13. Fight through City 17
  14. Citadel
  15. Finale
15 chapters? Well its a thorough job I want to do, but don't worry I'm planning to release it in chapters
(terms of days in the game) so you'll be sure to enjoy it sooner than... years away

Sick! Looking forward to it in game.

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Great storyline!

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SecretImbecile Author

thanks to all of you =)

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