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Dear Ninja, We have started testing the Roleplay feature, Organizations.

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Organizations are an extension of the game right here in the forum. Organizations have to be faction based, for example, a Leaf-only Anbu, Missing Ninja-only Akatsuki. It also encompasses things like Journalism/Newspaper organizations.Organizations ARE NOT clans, and clans will not be approved.

Creating an Organization

Tentatively, creating Organizations is a Gold/Silver Ninja feature.
Each organization has to be approved by a Moderator/Game Master/Administrator, and is subjecting to my dictatorship on every faction.

To create an organization, visit the Organizations page from the top of the forum and click the "Add Organization" button on the right side of the panel.

For now, a limited number of organizations will be approved, and they must meet these requirements.

  1. Well planned out, sustainable idea.
  2. Roleplay friendly.
  3. Good banners and management of Organization page.
  4. Only Leaf village organizations allowed for now.

Note: A nice banner will definitely play a huge part in whether your organization is approved. Be creative!

Joining an Organization

Joining an organization is open to everyone. However, Gold/Silver Ninja are able to join 2 organizations, while normal members can only join one.

Organization owners can send invitations from their pages.

Organization Pages

The organization system is designed for heavy amounts of customization. You can create custom banners and avatars, lay out your page in your own manner with a simple drag and drop editor. It's all somewhat like your own Facebook fan-page right here on the forum.

You can send invitations to players to join your organization, or if it's public, other players can request to join.

Organizations allowed

You are free to make any kind of organization within our RP setting, it must follow the timeline and not be extremely contradictory to anything stated in there. You may not create organizations based on actual organizations in the Naruto series. For example, do not submit applications for Hunter-nins or Konoha's Twelve Guardian Ninjas. These organizations will be created when the time is right and management of it will be handed out to a rightful player fairly.

  • Some ideas for organizations..
  • Newspapers, Journalistic Corporation
  • Bounty Hunter Organization
  • New player assistance Organization
  • Loot Hunting Organization

Be creative with it!

Maintenance Rules

  1. Take care of your Organization page and sub-forum.
  2. Do not leave the page inactive for too long.
  3. No explicit or illegal content to be shared within the spaces provided.

If these rules are broken, your Organization may be deleted or worse.


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