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Talking about the controversy of the player count.

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Since the announcement of War of The Servers we've promised you a player cap of 100 players. A lot of people following us or have visited the page have highly doubted this.

This is possible but will not be seen very often. Obviously it is is possible, but it would depend on the owner of the server. Battleservers are the servers with the player limit of 100. Again we have stated that the player limit is 100. This is possible, but as people said it would take a good, strong server. Obviously to make it more possible for lower end servers we've worked with the engine to make it work better.

I decided to make this news to explain our new plans for the player cap.

Basically we figured that most of our players wouldn't make servers that large knowing they wouldn't be stable, from now we're lowering the player cap to 64. 64 is very acceptable as a number and the cap may be raised later on in development once we've done more development and optimization.

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That's perfectly fine, start up small and build.

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