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The prototype version has been released, check it out, then come back and read about what the future holds for TypeSecurity! :)

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Hello there!

For those unaware of what exactly TypeSecurity is, the down-and-dirty version is as follows:

Game Banner

"TypeSecutiy is a typing game about protesters and presidents. You must defend an apparently hated president while he gives his speech, by typing away the cruelty brought on by the angry horde of protesters."

a brief glimpse of gameplay

But, reading is boring, go play the demo / prototype instead to get a better sense of the game:

So, what's gonna change from that version for the final game? A lot, actually.

Basics, such as typing, protesters, and presidents, will all remain. But in order to add depth, there will be 2 gameplay modes:

- Campaign

- Arcade

Campaign Mode is the main feature. Travel all across the country with the president as they give their speech during various events, furiously typing away at ever increasingly difficult protesters. Make it to the whitehouse, and win the game! There will be a variety of protesters, multiple difficulty levels, a large catalog of backgrounds (one for each 50 states!), and various presidents you can unlock (all for free, TypeSecurity will not offer any in-app purchases)!

Arcade Mode will be more similar to the protoTYPE version. An endless wave of protesters in either an increasing difficulty mode, or a custom set, fixed difficulty level (which ever the player feels like facing).

That's pretty much it. I plan to release on desktop (hopefully across every OS), on the web, and possibly even on Android (this will be a tricky one to get right, but I think it has potential on mobile).

Release date is pretty up in the air for right now, but should be around Spring 2016. Until then, see you in the next update!


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