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We still control 2 planets but we must hurry and expand into the other side of the galaxy going to where no one has gone before.

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Sizzle- A planet located on the border line of the empire of the hand territory. The planet has many styguim crystals that are powerful and profitable. The locals using their gift wisely and so made weapons using electricity generated from the crystals. They have a small shipyard that makes their sizzle cruisers that have the same ides as the sizzle weapons only stronger. Their fighters use the same idea except they are a tad stronger. When the sith Johnyboy1 discovered them at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war, they immediately pledged loyalty to him. Sizzle is the capitol of The new empire loyaltists.

Nethia- A planet near Sizzle, Nethia is a industrious planet with a huge shipyard similar to Kuat. The shipyards are where Pizza castle was built at. Nethia produces the New Empire loyaltists back-bone ships. When the sith Johnyboy1 discovered them during the pre Yuuzhan Vong war, he convinced the locals to build pizza castle and captured civilians from 100 other planets and made them work on the huge project.

Now I (johnyboy1) must lead my loyaltists through terrible times. We are attempting to launch a project to head straight east to discover new planets.

Current Emperor Johnyboy1

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