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More details on the game. This is the game's help file, and has detailed information about various of the game's features.

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Pixel Knight


WAD - Move
Left Mouse - Sword Attack
Right Mouse - Beam Spell
Middle Mouse - Fireball
F - Ultimate Attack
1 - Red Potion
2 - Blue Potion
3 - Green Potion
ESC - Pause
The END button can be pressed to quit the game. While paused, Q can also be pressed to close the game, and M will return you to the main menu.


Red potion - Recover health
Blue potion - Recover magic
Green potion - Increase attack speed
Stage Items
Save altar - Blue altars that save the game, recover half Health and full Magic
Health altar - Red altars which restore full Health
Red potion shop - You can purchase red potions for 100 coins
Blue potion shop - You can purchase blue potions for 100 coins


Sword attack - Avaliable at level 1
Beam spell - Avaliable at level 1
Fireball - Avaliable at level 5
Ultimate Attack - Avaliable at level 10


*Every time Dracon levels up, his Health and Agility increase.
*At levels 5 and 11, his damage also increases.
*The fireball spell increases damage based on level.
*The beam spell shoots more times based on level:
Level 1 - 1 time
Level 3 - 2 times
Level 6 - 3 times
Level 9 - 4 times
Level 11 - 5 times

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