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Hi Folks here is the news for this months snapshot build of Pioneer. :)

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Change list for September 2013 build 201309.116

  • New features

    • New ship "Kanara Police Interceptor" (#2441)
  • Minor changes and tweaks
    • Improve thruster rendering (#2426, #1960)
    • Added OpenGL debug output. Set EnableGLDebug in config.ini to enable it (#2413)
    • System Info View now shows orbital info for binary pairs (#2423)
    • System Info View now shows body radius in kilometres (#2423)
  • Fixes
    • Fix SmartTable scrolling (#2349)
    • Fix huge memory consumption on heightmapped terrains (#2418, 2405)
    • Partially fix terrain collision failures (#2429, #2337)
    • Allow an arbitrary number of navlight tags (#2427, #2438))
  • Script and UI API changes
    • A new module import system is now in place. Each dependency now

      needs to be declared explicitly. See the Pull Request discussion for

      more details (#1499)

    • Lua scripts now run in individual sandboxes, with their own global

      table. Interaction between modules needs to be done via explicit APIs

      and imports. PersistentCharacters has been moved to Character.persistent


    • Removed deprecated ShipType interface
    • Rand.New now checks the type of its optional seed argument (#2445)
  • Model changes
    • Camera and gunmounts are now specified using tag points in the

      model. Ship definition fields "camera_offset" and "gum_mounts" are now

      deprecated (#2422)

  • Internal changes
    • Converted to SDL 2.0 (#2433)
    • Remove GLU dependency (#2414)
    • Bundle GLEW 1.10 (#2415)
    • Upgrade miniz and force inline/static use (#2444)
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