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Hi Folks Lots of more bug fixes and a new feature, "speed lines" for this month. Have a look at the change log below.

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November 2013 Change Log

* New features
* Translations now managed via Transifex (#2521, #2537, #2536, #2562)
* "Speed lines" option to convey movement to the player (#2528)
* Modelviewer mouselook mode (#2559)
* Pioneer now requires OpenGL 2.0 and always uses shaders (#2540)

* Minor changes and tweaks
* Improvements to the ship spinner (used in Ship Info view) (#2532)

* Script and UI API changes
* Console will load "console.lua" in your user dir at startup (#2556)
* New methods Ship:SetInvulnerable and Ship:GetInvulnerable (#2531)
* UI.Table widget now accepts mouse events and has added methods:
ClearRows, SetMouseEnabled, and onRowClicked (#2554)
* UI.Gauge widget has added method SetUpperLimit (#2561)
* It is now possible to create custom properties (#2553)
* Property change signals can be connected to Lua functions (#2560)
* Ship:GetStats() has been removed; stats are now exposed as
properties of the Ship object (#2552)

* Fixes
* Fix potential divide-by-zero in autopilot (#2535, #2547)
* Spawn docked ships in the correct bay based on size (#2538)
* Table widget now recomputes layout on content and style changes (#2555)

* Internal changes
* Build fixes for MSVC
* Explicitly enable depth testing where we need it (#2530)
* Intern Lua SystemPath objects to deduplicate them (#2543, #2546)
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