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And finally there is an update! Some physics fixes, new platform-player collision checking and more stuff ahead!

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Well, well, well... From the last time I wrote a post the game had changed a bit. What I've done first is collision checking between player and platforms. Now it works smooth. I've got over 650 fps on my PC. For comparsion before fixing it was only 200fps. The second big change is the way levels are built. Now I can design a level and then simply use addPlatform(parameters) methods to get it working. Also in this update we can collect this small green things that I call slime balls. They will be usable in the next parts of the game. The last thing implemented gives us possibility to die by hitting spikes.

And that's all in this little update. Next update will be a public demo release showing off how the engine works. I'm planning to release the demo at 11 Nov.

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