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I just uploaded a demo of my game Pharmakon that you can download for free

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Hello! It's time to share some great news about Pharmakon!

Pharmakon is a roguelite turn-based game about tactical battles between puzle-powered drones and elementary beasts.

Demo Available!

I just uploaded a DEMO of my game Pharmakon that you can download for free!

It mixes traditional puzzle and combat strategy in a sci-fi world ruled by technological exploitation of nature's elements.
The game challenges players to counter elementary beasts infesting their faction territory.
To achieve that goal, players power up a drone with element puzzle parts to setup tactical attacks against dangerous packs of beasts. Along battles, victory will bring meetings and discoveries revealing the entire situation behind players' mission.

Steam Greenlight running!

If you would like to see Pharmakon available on Steam, you can help by rating it up clicking this link leading you to its Greenlight page: Follow that link, vote and comment!

Call to action!

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