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Some more discovered bugs and succesful fixes I want to share with you all.

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-kar98k sniper has wrong(original) playermodel.Hoping the original modeller will send me the model.
-Report that some german winter troops have no head while being alive,looking into it.

-Upgraded the hdm pistol to be a heavier damaging pistol(hollow point bullets).Also swapped hdm and colt45 in the combat options menu.
-Fixed G_FindConfigstringsIndex: overflow (797) error.This is linked to the mortar strike effects.
-Added cvar for enemy anti-tank usage.
-Fixed bomb not being plantable on the tank at Eastyorks level.

-Not a 100% sure but I believe to have fixed the level ending of Leningrad.
EDIT;Unfortunately,not fixed,yet!

-Same as with the us troops,when selecting a garand as british starting weapon,garand launcher nades will be added to your inventory.
-More tweaking/fixing of ai scripts and uniforms,not 100% sathisfied,yet but its starting to look pretty good.

EDIT;Posted a guide for the hunk error under FEATURES,on this mods page.

Also I am reporting to you all I am working on adding the levels Angoville and Radiobase to the mod.
Perhaps also the levels Confidential and leons cod2 map but this is not a promise.

Keep sending in those errors and bugs,if you find any.Dont hesitate as you can expect the first patch to be posted here in a week or so!



okay, i always loved your mod, but hey, you still need to fix those extremely annoying Script Compile Errors. it happens all the damn time, and every second (in some points, but after i just press escape everytime it shows up, sometimes it eventually stopped, but it's still very, very annoying!).

i found out, that one of the things that caused this SCE(script compile error) is that you forgotten to precache some xmodels(in the trainyard level)! But there are many errors, mainly from utility.gsc, death.gsc, Spawner.gsc and many other scripts depending on the map i'm playing like:
maps/duhoc_assault_drones.gsc, line 395

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maps/duhoc_assault_drones.gsc, line 395

Ah... won't go away...

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