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Discover preview BETA 3.0 with a video presentation and a description !

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Welcome to the Patch Note 8 a bit special will you present the changes the BETA 3.0 will bring. (You will not have any changes in this overview but it will give you an idea of the progress of the game).

Video presentation :

Changes in 3.0 BETA :

We will now talk about the changes in this new big update :

  1. Recasting of the feature points, and the allocation of points in the choice of the vessel (At the start)
  2. Added improvements for weapons (ion laser, fire laser, etc ...)
  3. Single weapon system, with improvements for lasers and missiles
  4. Added an internal system for detecting enemy weapon (to choose whether or not to engage the enemy)
  5. Battle management system, redesigned with the ability to enable or disable your weapons and your skills.
  6. Available skill tree in the space stations to upgrade your ship (Raise your shield, your dodge, and many others ...)
  7. Added competence "mercenary" (Buy your contract within space station) to have bonus money by killing enemies.
  8. Addition of an increment system for the level of the vessel and the mining (increasing the difficulty of the game in totality)
  9. Various changes on the map "world map"
  10. And many others...

When the final version of the BETA 3.0 release, I will detail all the changes for you to know that-is that really changed! Today it is only a glimpse ... lol

I hope that all its changes will succeed in convincing you.

See you at The Light Empire !

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