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As I had said, patch #4 was about adding a new mechanic, and such I have done! Introducing: Crafting! For now this will allow you to create foods, Every step of the process will use a seperate skill. Now for those who have played the game, you know very well that there are a limited amount of skill slots. So this is where your choice comes into play.

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For example:

Bread+ Cheese+tomato = Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza + Beef = Sausage Pizza
Cheese Pizza + Pork = Pepperoni Pizza
Corn + Flour = Tortilla
Tortilla + Beef + Cheese = Taco

Each recipe will use up a skill slot. Cooking 100 Taco's will Let you make Taco+ an even better food item. Unlearning skills is always possible, but if you have ranked a skill up, you lose that, or any progress you are making towards one. Enjoy Alurians!

Here's the patch notes from today's release:

*Small Glasses frames facial accessory now has a nose bridge, to help determine WTF it is.

*Added crafting system to combine up to 3 items into 1.

*Added the ability to make on use hp/mp regen items be able to use flat values, or % of max stat.

*Added cooking icons for : Wheat, Bread, Eggs, Cheese, Beef, Flour, Pork, Corn, Strawberry, Chocolate bar, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Honey, Jelly, Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Cake, BLT, Bacon Burger, Cheeseburger, Milk, Vanilla milkshake, Chocolate milkshake, Peanuts, Dough, Tortillas, Taco, Candy apple, Apple, Cake, Pizza, Sausage Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Tomato, Bacon.

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