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Patch 248 bringing dungeons and lots more! Be sure to check out what exactly changed here!

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Patch 248 is here (or soon to be) so have some patch notes:

  • Added a prompt to window creation problems stating that opengl 3.3 might not be supported on this graphics card

If the demo does not run/crashes on startup in the demo this is most likely the reason for it. This game uses some things that is not available on older hardware, especially some older laptops.

  • Fixed blood causing toon outlines
  • Added particle effects for recieving damage, mining, crafting, building, tree cutting, and eating.

When applicable, particle amount scales with the power value.
In combat there will be more blood with more damage dealt. The faster you mine something the more digging particle effects will appear, etc.

  • Fixed not being able to continue building of walls if the designation has been cancelled
  • New Terrain textures now tile seamlessly
  • Fixed #5: Crash/potential crash when not removing the PreData/ folder when upgrading versions
  • New All 3D-ified sprites now rotate toward the camera for better visibility
  • New Furniture now shows in the inventory (Workbenches, beds)
  • Added chests, weapon racks and armor stands
  • Added "pickup all"-, and "drop all"-buttons to units
  • New Stuff now automatically gets added to stockpiles if you drop it on them

This one and the one above that is mostly in preperation for the automation that I want to put in later, but you can already queue them with shift, like most of everything else.

  • Fixed a problem with items that can be carried around not loading/deleting properly sometimes
  • New Caves

They are not really that big though, so I might tune that up next patch or something.

  • New Dungeons

New dungeons

Dungeons have stone walls and lots of units spawn inside them. They are randomly constructed but tend to join up quite nicely. Some rooms are seperated by gates that need to be torn down or dug around. Loot chests will appear in some rooms and have chances to spawn anything from ingots to rare weapons! If you can survive getting them out of there anyways...

  • x64 binaries now available seperatly

The game is quite memory hungry so since that was the case I figured this was one of the things I should do to help with that. Keep in mind that you can not play with someone with a different version! That includes 64x and x86 binaries!

  • New Performance/Memory/Networking improvements
  • New Big terrain change: more diverse terrain, better transition between everything, higher mountains, etc.

New terrain closeup
New terrain

  • Fixed The terraingenerator now produces ramps between chunks for more traversable terrain overall
  • Added grid outline option (default off)
  • New More forest-like areas
  • New Increased pathfinding elevation tolerance

The new usually highly elevated terrain used to cause problems otherwise. If you get a bad spawn you will still need to generate a new save though.

  • New Chunks now fade-in
  • Fixed Units warping all over the place when there is lag

They do however stutter sometimes, but I guess thats better than warping all over the place.
NOTE: Saves between 32 and 64-bit binaries are not compatible. If you want to be able to keep playing your savegame from the demo or older alpha versions, do not get the 64-bit executable!

Next patch I will change the graphic style quite significantly by switching to 3D voxel models for most things including items, and furniture. The reason for this is that with that style, I can produce more content in a lot less time. Also this will reduce startup loading times.

EDIT: Went back on that with the units.

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