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Bug fixes, an experimental new render, the addition of new facilities (zoom, strength indicators) and many new sprites.

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  • Added zoom (ctrl+wheel).
  • Added experimental "fast render" which should remove map loading delay (Settings -> Graphics -> Fast render).
  • Added EUAL text to the lobby screen.
  • Use Tab to name autocompletion in the chat.
  • Automatic disassemble and destroy for similar items (ctrl+shift & rmb->destroy).
  • Added durablity/progess bars. Hover the mouse to see exact numbers.
  • Updated recipes of chess figures (sharp stone + pearl).
  • Buying already bought item on the autction shouldn't give a server error anymore.
  • No chip stone block and boulders and chop trees, logs, trungs on the claim.
  • Fixed recipes of the "mushrom on the stick" and "iron fence pillar".
  • Daily faction quest fixed.
  • Placing a blank will now take 1 second. Finishing the building will take 1 second too.
  • Empty blank can be destroyed imediatelly.
  • "Spliting" gold in the chest on the foreign claim is now forbiden.
  • Sex will no longer cause plaugue.
  • No duplicated items in the mail attachments.
  • Any group member can not invite others to a party.
  • Synod protection don't workn on the arena anymore.
  • Changing a target won't abort the combo.
  • Fishing window updated.
  • Fixed error when "Quit" button didn't work.
  • The game will make a steam auth on every launch now.
  • Updated English and Japanese translation.
  • Updated "Claim is about to end" warning.
  • "Equip" option removed from already equiped items.
  • Equip options added to lasso, insect net and fishing rods.
  • No more letters in the bank input fields.
  • Context menu splited on logical blocks.
  • Added confirm suicide dialog.
  • Added confirm gutting player's corpse dialog.
  • New sprites: prospectors, all fish and fish dishes, rabbit meat, sausages, meat, intestines, flax fibber and yar, mutton, skull and skull totem, paper, licenses, flour, salt, paprica, coal powder, sand, soil.


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