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The fourth patch to All Guns On Deck brings some tweaks and balancing just prior to the next big update.

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Patch   Version   0 3 1 243 bann

Version: is now live and contains the following additions and changes.

This latest build includes a small patch addressing a few things before we put out our next big content update, scheduled for sometime in December before the new year.

Stat bars can now be found in the ship builder, all weapons have their bars up to date with the current weapon balancing in the game. Though, these are most likely going to change at some point in the future.

Patch   Version   0 3 1 243 imag

We've also added in an entry into the Oceanic Handbook for the viewfinder. It includes basic screen information and current keyboard control setups.

For balancing purposes the Halloween content chips have had their prices increased to match their strength and effectiveness.

Patch   Version   0 3 1 243 imag 1

Full list of additions and changes:

  1. Gun stat bars.
  2. V-sync off by default.
  3. Options Menu back button fix.
  4. Viewfinder handbook entry.
  5. World map threat light cover.
  6. Corrected siege text in viewfinder.
  7. Volume slider shoot effects.
  8. Darkened gore cannon at night.
  9. Lightened gore cannon blood at night.
  10. Gore Cannon price increased to 15,000.
  11. Titan head price increased to 26,000.
  12. Samhain price increased to 35,000.


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