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The rumors that surfaced of Crankshaft Games closing for three weeks are indeed true. This press release explains, in greater detail, the reasons for this decision.

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For Immediate Release
Tel: 514-690-6521


Montreal, Crankshaft Games HQ, July 23rd, 2010- The official news of Crankshaft Games offices closing down has been confirmed. The reason being related to the eminent release date of Star Craft 2. The order was approved by all stakeholders, shareholders, outside/inside consultants and Glida, Crankshaft Games' messenger pigeon.
The executive decision was taken after 3 two-hour meetings held at Crankshaft Games HQ (DanM's apartment) over the course of last week. A quote from our President sums it up nicely, "Well, we think the time invested in deciding whether or not to close our doors to play SC2 was resources well spent. We foresee this increasing our ROI and the overall value of Crankshaft Games". One anonymous economist replied to the statements saying "This tactic of closing shop to increase value may be inline with their global strategy to trade company stock publicly on the NYSE in the coming months... Well played boys!"
The 3-week workflow plan is as follows:

  • Monday- rest, catch up on sleep, stretch thumbs, revisit some light SC strategies (i.e. Marine/medic, reaver drop, etc)
  • Tuesday- game day breakfast at Spicy Borrito and quick nap before 3pm release
  • Post Release- once SC2 is released a diet of Red Bull and Uncle Ben's rice will be in order with no more than 3 hours of sleep per night.

"If this isn't productivity, then I don't know what is" says recently promoted Executive Vice President of Productivity Alex Galasso.
If you have any further inquiries regarding this decision, feel free to contact our many help teams at your disposal during our absence. For customer service contact Julia Galasso, to pre-order Crankshaft stocks, contact Julia Galasso, for lost and found, contact Julia Galasso and for all other inquiries, please contact Alex's sister, Julia Galasso.


Feel free to peruse some awesome content on, or possibly share your thoughts with us on our forums, or enlighten your daily lives with our tweets (@CrankshaftGames). These would be great channels to get in contact with us if our many support teams are not available for some unforeseeable reason.


hahahaha best reason to close down ever. Love it.

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I lol'd at this "The reason being related to the eminent release date of Star Craft 2."
ahahaha good one guys, I think that even your good workers deserves to play a master piece from blizzard, I can wait for you to drink a lot of Red Bull haha

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Sounds like a plan! Have fun, guys :)

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