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Six angel concepts have been sketched but we need your help in the selecting "the" angel (generic enemy) for Party of Sin. All comments welcome.

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Hey guys,

We need your help! We have six angel concepts that were drawn up by our Concept Artist Tobias Frank. We want to know which one should be included in the final version of Party of Sin and WHY. Bare in mind that the angel you select will be the "Common Angel" (generic enemy) that the Sins (you) will be fighting against. Please direct all your comments here.

Here are the six concepts...

These are the first "Common Angel" concepts we have shown to the public so if you do not like any of them, that's okay. However, we want to why you didn't like them and how you would go about to improve them.

Can't wait to hear the feedback.



Yeah, this angel will own! I loved the first and second ones.

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Personally, I prefer concepts #I and #III from the bottom picture (1B and 3B).

The top 3 concepts seem like robot or futuristic armor suited angels while the bottom 3 are more traditional / human types. I like the second set better because of their style and also because you can see their faces, which I think gives them more personality and significance (of course, this may cause more work since you will probably have to do facial animation). I ruled out 2B because he's bald and I'm not sure it's even possible for angels to exhibit male pattern baldness, ha ha.

I think it's really cool that you're involving the community in your game design so early in the process and hopefully it will improve the overall project! Great work, looking forward to seeing more!

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