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Rise and Fall Part II Announcement, story continues.

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Welcome back in the world of...


Look forward to the continuation of the thrilling story line, which ended with the words "You will find out in the second part".

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The story of Don Peppone's family continues. After the tragic death of William Taylor and a huge night shootout with the Chinese mafia, the funeral comes. But is that really all that's planned that day?

Splitting it into part one and part two allowed us to play more with elements that until recently were one big unknown to us. It allowed us to expand the story by 18 chapters - so part one will have 10 chapters and part two will have 18, for a total of 28.

Our modification is currently a whopping 4 GB in size, and it's still growing. I think I can already say that this is one of the biggest story-line modifications ever created for Mafia: City of Lost Heaven.


Unlike the first part, which served as the beginning of ours Mafia modding revolution, part two will have a lot more locations and more emphasis on city changes. The arsenal will be expanded, such as the Mauser C96, Luger P08, and plenty of other weapons that will make the experience and gameplay more enjoyable for players. We'll also see advancements in transportation, from different variants of older designs to new models. Currently, the "RAF" traffic model is expanded by 50 models (counting colour variants and different designs).

We will also offer a free-ride mode (which we call Freeride Expansion) that will allow players to explore the winter, night and classic daytime city with a variety of subquests and fun interactions. Each of these variants will have their own challenges. Players will have purchasing options for weapons, clothing, cars and real estate to earn money. In free ride mode, players will also be able to bring along teammates such as Willy, Louie, Lorenzo, Morello and more. Some of them will have to be unlocked by the player by completing quests.

The main goal in the free ride will be to make enough money for the well-known Salieri's Bar.


As i said before, the story will be extended by 18 chapters, what I can safely say is that the war with the Chinese mafia will be really rough and bloody. Of course, we will not only meet the Chinese mafia, but also old enemies such as Peppone's long-time rival, but more on that another time.


I should definitely mention the upcoming English dubbing for part one. You will hear about it soon.

- Mr. Oravin sends regards.

BobbyWanKenobi - - 215 comments

Viděl jsem váš mod na Twitchi a opravdu se mi líbí, kam směřujete. Kdybyste potřebovali pomoci s dabingem nových postav, tak bych vám rád pomohl. Zatím jsem daboval jen anglicky, ale česky by to neměl být problém.

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OravinCZ Author
OravinCZ - - 4 comments

To zní lákavě, máte Discord?

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BobbyWanKenobi - - 215 comments

Ano, zde: BobbyWanKenobi#3799

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Guest - - 695,620 comments

great story line but the freeride doesnt work to play for salieris bar i keep crashing loading into freeride

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OravinCZ Author
OravinCZ - - 4 comments

The Freeride is still in beta - the full release will be in part two,
btw. Is the crashfix applied? Patch for v1.0 (if it's your version) ?

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RudeOstrich - - 2 comments

Love the screens!

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