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You will play the role of a russian officer of the secret service. There will be many missions, each with specific objectives for the players to accomplish, such as defending a restricted military area, eliminating a terrorist threat and protecting innocent scientists. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...

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"Okay, so Warcraft III is an RTS. But what if you could change that up somehow and create a custom map that's an entirely different genre? Well, Grievous1 did, with Paranoia. It's a shooter for 1-4 players, and it handles so differently from Warcraft that you sometime forget what you're actually playing. But, enough about my opinion, here's his article."
~ Jochmen


★ Save & Load system
★ Interact system
★ Player AI (Bot Support)
★ 4 Game modes (Campaign, Versus, Survival and Infestation)
★ Over different 40 items
★ Shooting & grenade throw system
★ 100% changed layout of WarCraft 3
★ 5 different soundtracks


★ AA-12
★ AK-74M
★ AKS-74
★ Combat Knife
★ Double Barrel Shotgun
★ Flamethrower
★ Glock 17
★ Groza
★ M134
★ M32
★ MP5
★ Nightstick
★ RPG-7
★ RPK-74
★ Revolver ME 38
★ SPAS-12
★ Sledge Hammer
★ Stechkin APS


★ Adrenaline Syringe
★ Ammo Bag
★ Ballistic face shield
★ Bomber Suit
★ Bomber face shield
★ Combat Gasmask
★ Commando Beret
★ C4
★ First aid kit
★ Gasmask
★ Grenade
★ Landmine
★ Laserpointer Attachment
★ Medical Bag
★ Night Vision Goggles
★ Painkiller
★ Signal Flare
★ Support Radio Device
★ Tactical Helmet
★ XM214 Turret

Game Modes:

Requirements & Information:
★ Map Version: 1.00 Beta
★ Map Size: 192x192
★ Map Player Limit: 4
★ Map Filesize: 8mb
★ Map Language: English


Requires the latest version of WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne (1.26 or higher) and high graphic settings or you might encounter graphic bugs.

This map is protected! Please don't edit or export files of it.

Vhaldez Author

OMFG forgot the freaking Download Link :I

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Its really strange that theres American AA12 but no Russian Saiga-12 Shotgun

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