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Papilio's Early Access gets a brand new update! Read on for more details.

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Hello, Friends.

I apologize for the long delay between updates as I had been taking care of other matters, like punching out evil space dragon sharks trying to invade Portuguese waters while riding on the back of a supersonic narwhal armed with depleted uranium autocannons*. However, I am glad to announce that the newest alpha version of Papilio, 0.5.2, is now available for purchase at both and Indie Game Stand, along with an updated free demo at the purchase page!

New features include:

  • A brand new level! After chasing the mysterious relic thief all the way from your devastated city and fighting off her summoned monster hordes through a stormy canyon and a lush rainforest, you track her all the way to a cavernous underground crystal mine filled with dangerous creatures. What purpose could she possibly have in bringing the relic to this place? Is there a dark secret that lies within its bowels, waiting to be unearthed?
  • Three new game modes: Rank Off Mode which disables the dynamic difficulty, Training Mode which allows you to choose a stage to practice in, and Asuratva Mode which cranks the difficulty to maximum from start to finish without letting up.
  • Bigger resolution! The game now runs at 400x300 compared to the old 360x240. Perfect for playing it on those big ol' CRT screens or a custom arcade cabinet!

Once again, any and all constructive feedback, criticism and bug reporting is appreciated, and you may feel free to do so either via email at coololdguygames (at) gmail (dot) com, or through the Papilio development thread on the Shmups forums. Until next time, stay tuned for version 6 with more goodies to come, and I hope you enjoy your adventures in the world of Novalis.

Stay hyper my friends.
Cool Old Guy

*To be precise, the autocannons were shooting depleted uranium shells cast in the shape of Mike Tyson's fists.

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