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Version 4 of Overzealous is now here and ready for play! As well as support for the Resurrection of Evil and Lost Mission campaigns. (You must own the Resurrection of Evil DLC in order to play these addon campaigns.) This article contains all information about Version 4, and a tutorial for installation instructions.

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Doom 3 OZ Installation

For the Resurrection of Evil and Lost Mission campaign to work, you must have the RoE DLC first!

For the first part, download the Overzealous files. The "overzealouspack" zipped folder should then be opened from you download directory, and then copy all 3 folders within it, and paste or drag and drop them into your doom 3 install directory. They should look like this:

Doom 3 11 1 2021 2 32 57 AM

Now, inside all 3 folders, there's a batch file. Each batch files is named according to what campaign it belongs to. Take each of these batch files out of these folders and place them into your doom 3 directory. They should also look like this:

Doom 3 11 1 2021 2 32 38 AM

Once done, always be sure to use these batch files to play Overzealous. You cannot play the mod without them! Do not launch the mod from within the in-game mod menu, or else you will encounter errors, crashes/glitches!


General Changes:

  • New main menu and loading screens. Main menu now has button and keybinding control settings for the new weapons.

DOOM 3 11 1 2021 2 29 32 AM

  • New menu music and pause menu music. New sounds for most enemies, like the imp, pinky, hellknight, revenant, mancubus, commando, archvile, vagary, maggot, wraith, and more.
  • New weapons. We're already familiar with the Auto Shotgun and Unmaker, but there's another addition, the AK-4000, a grenade launcher/railgun hybrid weapon. The Auto Shotgun replaces the chainsaw in Doom 3, since Overzealous focused heavily on the new weapons and firepower. But, the chainsaw can still be picked up and used.

DOOM 3 10 29 2021 11 55 37 PM

  • The player's health, crouch speed, walk speed, run speed, jump height, armor, and stamina have all been buffed greatly for all 3 campaigns. Max armor is 175, health starts at 100, but max health has been increased to 200, so players can now pick up more medkits and buff health up as they go. However, enemy damage has been increased, melee range has been increased, and enemy health has been buffed, too.
  • Most enemies have increased projectile speed for ranged attacks, increased projectile damage, and enemies with explosive attacks have had their explosive radius increased. Bullet-based z-sec enemies have decreased projectile speed for their new plasma ball effect, and to make it easier for the player to dodge their bullets.
  • Fall damage has been removed, except fatal falls, but their damage has been decreased by more than half. Players have more freedom to move around and make jumps or landings without worrying about losing their health.
  • All bosses have increased health, even minibosses.
  • New weapon names and PDA descriptions, as well as new weapon icons and new ammo names.
  • Using the Duct Tape mod, the Pistol and Machine Gun now have flashlights attached. They both replace the flashlight.
  • Auto Shotgun now has a higher fire rate, a new muzzle flash effect from Duct Tape mod, but now has recoil and slower projectile speed to keep the weapon based in close quarters to fit its role.
  • Max ammo for all weapons greatly increased, except the Soul Cube.
  • New menu UI cursor. New menu sounds.

Doom 3 Changes:

  • Cyberdemon can be hurt and killed with normal weapons.
  • The Chaingun has less knockback against enemies and a new firing sound to make it sound like an actual minigun. All basic and new weapons have new sounds for raising, reload, and firing animations.
  • BFG 9000 has a new charging sound and no longer kills the player from overcharging, but makes them lose all BFG ammo instead.
  • The Hand Grenades have now been turned into Flares that light up the areas around them, if players don't want to use the flashlight weapons. Long fuse time, and don't do damage anymore on exploding. But, they still use grenade ammo.
  • Chainsaw zombies now drop the Auto Shotgun instead of chainsaws.
  • Rocket Launcher and Pistol now have guided projectiles that track their targets.

Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil Changes:

  • LM/RoE: Hand Grenades have been replaced by the new AK-4000, which is given upon picking up any grenade ammo.
  • LM/RoE: Shotgun zombies drop the Auto Shotgun.
  • LM: Guardian boss health increased.
  • LM/RoE: Weapons give more ammo for each ammo type.
  • RoE: Maledict has increased health.
  • RoE: Helltime Hunter boss can be hurt by normal weapons, but has more health.
  • RoE: All Hunter bosses have buffed health.
  • RoE: All weapons in the RoE campaign are different from LM and base Doom 3, with new camos, sounds, and functions. The Shotgun is now a shotgun again, and fires a large blast wave of energy for close quarters. Reloads with one shell now. The Machine Gun fires slower, but has higher damage and accuracy with a new bullet effect. The Chaingun is now a laser beam cannon that melts targets, even the biggest ones, in one magazine. The Plasma Gun is now the Gold Rifle, which fires molten gold metal with a arch and slower fire rate, but now has explosive damage. Rocket Launcher is now a Fuel Rod Launcher, inspired by the Halo Fuel Rod. Fires much faster, with new effects. The BFG is now a White Hole Gun, and fires a white hole with a massive damage radius. The Auto Shotgun had its damage per pellet nerfed for RoE, as it was too strong.

Possible Bugs and Fixes:

  • Certain textures for weapons are missing

This can be fixed by turning up graphic settings and screen resolution.


  • 343 Industries, Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, Infinity Ward: Weapon sound effects
  • Disturbed: Down With the Sickness Instrumental
  • My friend Crimson, or Kurimuxon, for play-testing this mod
  • Raven and Id Software: Monster sound
  • User Arl. for the Lost Mission campaign port
  • User aphexjh for the Ak-47 model from Doom 3 Hallowed Mod
  • User Ivan_the_B for Fraggin Free mod particle beam effect and his railgun model
  • User TheMrBenpulido for his shotgun texture from Zombie Mode Mod
  • Ninja Tracks - Passages for trailer music
  • Me, the maker of Overzealous
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