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Doom 3 Overzealous is getting another update! With others news, such as new merchandise, new changes to a few weapons, and other projects I've been working on!

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Hello, mofos! Overzealous has been quiet for a while, but, today, I return bringing much news! Overzealous is getting another update! No, no dumbass texture mod, but this one will have many weapon changes, minor changes, and others.

Finally, there is now merchandise for Overzealous, (not affiliated with Doom 3 or Activision), that is available, provided by my own Teespring store. There are posters, and other items, that are shown below, as well as an unboxing video of the official promotional poster for Overzealous.

Poster Unboxing Video

There are many options in my store to choose from for Overzealous merch, such as posters, phone cases, and digital wallpapers. Following this store link, you can find them here:

Teespring Store

What you'll find...




And many more!

As for some of the changes being made, the pistol now fires plasma bolts that track enemies, to make it a more fun weapon to use and more unique. The auto shotgun now fires much faster, has an improvised muzzle flash effect, and now has an equip sound, making it feel more alive and fitting in the game. The rocket launcher also homes in its rockets onto your target. More changes to come. This video below is a little tease.

Weapon Tests

To rap up everything, I would like to say what's been holding development on Overzealous. I have been recently working on my own comic series, "Project Rachel", a webcomic about a supernatural anthro rabbit girl and her battles against demons. It has been a lot of work, more so than any work I've done for Overzealous, but, it's been worth it, and it is definitely worth a read! Action, horror, and mystery awaits. You can read it here following this link:

Project Rachel© | WEBTOON (


That's all so far, and thanks for stopping by and reading! Buy some merch, read Project Rachel, and get 'Overzealous' for Version 4!

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