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This will explain how you get a fleet and our current fleets . If you can bring in ships for our fleets , that would be appreciated .

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How can you get a fleet .
Padawans: go with your master on their flagship

Knights: you may get a flagship ( hammerhead cruiser )

Masters: get 5 hammerheads and 10 forey blockade runners

The Hand of The Grand Master: gets 10 hammerhead cruisers , 20 forey blockade runners , and 2 ravager cruisers

The Grand Masters: gets 10 ravager cruisers , 20 hammer head cruisers , and 40 forey blockade runners

There are 9 fleets being worked on .

fleet 1
10 hammerhead cruisers , 5 forey blockade runners

fleet 2
10 hammerhead cruisers

fleet 3
10 hammerhead cruisers

fleet 4
10 hammerhead cruisers

The rest of the fleets have no ships . note this will be updated .

Experimental Ships:

Slingshot Blockade Runner:
Achilles Capital Ship:
Bullwark Carrier:

Anyone interested in the experimental ships may contact Gandmaster Darthjohnyboy1 or Grand Admiral ThatGuyPeter.

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