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May we hit the ground running. DESTRUCTION is set in the year, 2018, and an enemy known as, "The Absolution" has landed on earth. They did not come for peace, but for war. On "T-Day", the absolution landed and assaulted Asia, Europe and South America. They finally over-ran our country, and when all hope seemed to be lost, two Factions across the entire globe rose from the ashes. "The Resistance", and, "The Military". You play as Alex Mars. A Resistance Squad leader of the Tier-1 group known as, "Squad 7". Your team-mambers are-
Jason Mars - Your 50-year-old father and your dead-on sniper.
James T. Macintosh - Your fathers best friend since childhood, and your ruthless Heavy Gunner.
Michelle Smith - You new "girlfriend" and your mentally insane Scout.

At the first level, you recover four suits that the military had made to help assault "The Absolution". They are known as 0.8-BETA2 NANO-Suits. They offer better protecton, more sharper accuracy, and many more add-ons. You and your squad are determend to stop the war, and end the Alien Assault. There will be 15 multiplayer maps, 32 story-missions, and expansion packages.

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