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Updated 10/01/14 The reformed Mandalorian military exists out of a small and rigid, professional core with a surrounding varied supporting auxiliary.

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The Mandalorian military has seen changes throughout the ages, however the core always remained. A professional army and navy. With the Mandalorian Reformations in effect, that core is enforced fiercely.

Much of the old army and navy has been used as a base to create a new series of battle platforms and units, the modern counterparts of the classical units are far more deadly either more rounded or specialized, in some instances both.

Classical units will either be phased out, retired, re-purposed or sold.

From fierce Shock Troopers, to large Mobile Pulse Cannons and to the relentless Colossus walker, the army stands defiant against opposition. Using precision, flexibility, combined arms and innovation to achieve its goals. Whilst the navy deploys a vast force of large lumbering warships with monumental weapons. Swarms of Nau'ir ravage the enemy lines under the supporting fire of Gauntlet battleships, commanded from the mighty Mythosaur Star Dreadnoughts. The navy is a force of overwhelming firepower and very resistant to opposing counterstrikes at the cost of speed.

"You will raise your young as Mandalorians—and defend them. You will wear our armor, and speak our language. And you will serve the clan, and rally when called. These are the Resol'nare—the Six Actions—sacred to our movement. Do them—and you may live to call yourselves Mandalorians!"

Perform well and be promoted to any of these ranks during your service to Mandalore and its people.

Good luck Commander and may the Kara guide you!

"You can't rule Mandalorians. You just make sensible suggestions they want to follow. And since when have Mandalorians needed to be told what makes sense?"
-Boba Fett

Meaning "Hunter" in Mando'a, a Beroya is actually a team existing out of a Ysalamiri and Strill. Full grown Strill carry small Ysalamiri into battle.

Ysalamiri were originally native to Myrkr only, the Mandalorians changed that to harness their ability to block the power of Force users.

Whereas Strill were commonly found on Mandalore, this has since changed. Strill are agile and cunning, their leathery skin is tough and they are able to use it to form wings and glide.

=Shock Troopers=
Mandalorians are life long soldiers bred for war and combat, from an early age he is subjugated to fighting and learns how to gain Glory and Honor from it. By tradition, Mandalorians may take in orphaned children of defeated races or such and treat them as their own.

Their Lorica Segmenta armor is superior to most other armors, Shock Troopers may modify their armor to fit their needs. Weapons are top of the line and easily modified to the liking of the user.

Called Rangers, Ranger Commandos or simply Commandos. The Rangers are special forces units deployed on various missions both in the field with the regular ground forces or on secret missions behind enemy lines. They are the very elite, veterans of many battles and hardened through conflict.

To become a Ranger, one has to finish several trails, the mortality rate of the soldiers is rather high but it does weed out the best from the decent. After completing the trails faced, a Ranger is assigned a planet of origin to add to his or her title. For example Mandalore Ranger or Dxun Ranger.

The most excellent armor, weapons and equipment is made available at a high price. Besides a standard kit they must have, each Ranger is unique in weapons and armor and highly versatile in combat. The standard kit, their armor is very tough, forged using Mandalorian techniques to make it hardy and light. It has also been given special coatings to make it impossible for thermal scans to detect, in addition each Ranger has a stealth field generator that also dampens sound.

"We Mandalorians have a saying. A warrior who doesn't hope for battle has no hope during battle."
-Canderous Ordo

=Canderous Mark III=
The Canderous Mark III has seen a massive redesign from its original counterpart. Still heavily armored, the tank has sadly lost its dual Mass Drivers in favor for a single larger one, but has gained a light shield generator, and multiple laser cannons as well a Chaff and smoke grenade tubes allows the Canderous to poor on the heavy fire and pound enemy's into submission with its mass driver. while protected by the cover of smoke as well.
The Canderous Mark III is a well balanced hover tank even with its heavy weapons.

And due all these factors the Canderous Mark III has become the new standard in armored divisions of the Mandalorian Empire.

Shev'la, Mando'a for "Silent" is a hovering armored personnel carrier with stealth capabilities and some weapons.

Armed with a single downsized Canderous mass driver cannon, chaff launchers and a repeater on top it can support infantry quite well. The Shev'la also has a decent speed to get its cargo to places on time.

Due its camouflage and thermal coating, it can perform as an silent ambusher. Its armor will protect it from small arms, but not much else.

The Sundari-type Anti-Air tank is a supporting vehicle designed by the Mandalorians. The Sundari can hover and is very fast. It is refined yet simplistic, its main weapons it has two anti-air Mass Driver flak cannons.

The cannons are large and very powerful, anything caught in its fire will be quickly destroyed after a sustained volley. Whilst ground targets can also be attacked, only light vehicles should worry about Sundaris. The range of the Sundari is also smaller then that of most other anti-air vehicles.

The targeting system is crude, the weapons are primarily man-operated. The Sundari has relatively medium armor and light shields to protect itself.

=MZ-9 Mobile Pulse Cannon=
The MZ-9 is an upgrade over the old MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon, many enhancements are added over the old version and are noticeable, the MZ-9 is bigger, tougher and more expensive. It has lost its shield and is even slower then before but makes up for it with extremely increased firepower.

Now featuring the same Taim & Bak cannon in a powerful pair along with missile launchers and two rotary blaster cannons it can destroy most enemy targets it faces that are ground bound with great effectiveness.

The Sledgehammer Heavy Artillery is an extremely powerful piece of ordnance built by in a typical Mandalorian fashion. One large railgun is mounted on an equally massive chassis.

The railgun can lob large destructive shells over a very large distance, this is followed by a lengthy reload. The obvious weakness is that despite its heavy armor that the Sledgehammer is very slow and not manoeuvrable, its main weapon also has a large dead zone which it cannot hit.

=Howler Gunship=
A marvel of aerial technology, the Howler is a very effective, fast response Gunship that can move through battlefield quickly and destroy the enemy before they are able to respond.

Armed with heavy repeating blaster cannons for infantry and missiles for everything else, it takes away from the fact its not very durable. A light shield is installed to protect it and aside from small arms the armor will not protect it against much.

"We are the most powerful military force in the history of the galaxy. Every fight is our fight, because what happens over here matters over there. We don't get to sit one out. Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between the prospering of your people, and utter destruction. This is a time for heroes. A time for legends. History is written by the victors. Let's get to work."
-Mand'alor te Cabur

=Thane-type Shuttle=
Designed for special operations agents, the Thane is a small and fast Shuttle with stealth capabilities. It can carry a small infantry unit into battle covertly quickly or evacuate them from a hotzone, under cover of its small chin mounted repeater.

Besides its stealth and the anti-missile chaff- and electronic countermeasures, the Thane relies on its sheer speed to evade the enemy, it does so effectively. Its nimble frame makes evasion easy if the Thane is in the hands of a skilled pilot.

=Tal-class Assault Shuttle=
The Tal-class can best be described as an atmospheric fortress, carrying large amounts of weapons, troops and steel to battle. It can be deployed from a carrier or operate alone using its own hyperdrive.

Armed with two anti-armor cannons on its wings, a chin mounted rotating anti-infantry repeater, rocket pods and missiles beneath the wings, a tail gun and in addition to that the bay doors have a small repeater to defend deploying infantry.

The Tal can ferries two squads of infantry to the frontlines and supports them with its impressive amount of firepower, it itself is protected by a sturdy durasteel plate hull which does slow the Tal down to an extent.

=Comet-type Transport=
A heavily armored transport that can quickly transport a large amount of troops and support to areas with relative safety. The Comet is aptly named for being fast and unstoppable without heavy equipment and once it unloads its small army it proves this.

Its armor is a key trait and clearly noticeable, its speed however leaves people sometimes to wonder. The four engines that propel it forward give the transport its name "Comet".

"For my people it's the honor and glory of battle that rules us. It's through combat that we prove our worth, gain renown and make our fortunes."
-Canderous Ordo

=Nau'ir-type Starfighter=
The Nau'ir Starfighter is a mixture between the old Davaab and StarViper starfighters, renown for their multi-role ability to wreak havoc amongst Strikecraft and Starships alike. The driving force behind this is its pair of laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher that allow it to function as a Fighter-Bomber.

Along with this, the Nau'ir has Buzz Droids to harass small Starhips. An decent hull and light shield protect its pilot.

=Hornet-class Strategic Bomber=
The Hornet is a highly advanced and effective Strategic Bomber, capable of performing long-range operations without support of a carrier and do so unseen due its stealth design.

It is armed with an immense payload of bombs for anti-starship purposes and its protected by a heavy layer of armor. In case it starts being chased by enemy Strikecraft, the Hornet can lights its afterburners for an increase of speed.

=Galaar-class Corvette=
The Galaar is a light and fast Corvette, armed with several mass drivers and super heavy concussive missiles as its only offensive weapons and a light shield and hull in its defence.

The Galaar was built for speed and offence, it can catch up with targets and quickly destroy them with its weapons. Its design is also reliable enough for it to carry and deploy minefields.

=Tracyn-type Frigate=
The Tracyn-type Frigate is a very strong and tough Frigate, able to take can take a beating and dish it back out. To allow for this high dose of raw firepower and durability, it had to sacrifice its speed.

In addition to its powerful capabilities against Strikecraft, it is armed with a Point-Defence System.

=Gauntlet-type Battleship=
A dedicated all-purpose Battleship, the Gauntlet was designed for sustained close to medium range ship-to-ship combat. With advanced shield generators and several layers of heavy armor plating, the Gauntlet was made to last, but it is the varied array of weapon systems that truly make this vessel worthy of its name, title, and origin.

The main guns, five heavy mass driver cannons on the exterior of the vessel, can propel massive explosive, fragmentation, armor piercing, and a variety of other lethal projectile rounds at high velocity and long range, super heavy concussive missile launchers are also present as are your run of the mill laser batteries. There is no doubt that this vessel is a Mandalorian warship, designed by the galaxy's fiercest and longest surviving warrior culture.

=Akaan-type Destroyer=
Based on the Aggressor Destroyer, the Akaan is a long ranged destroyer with more firepower thanks to the massive and plentiful exhaust ports that allow the Akaan to fire a composite beam continuously.

The Akaan should not be expected to operate effectively on a direct frontline, its heavy armor and light shield will protect it momentarily.

=Vohn-type Carrier=
The Vohn Carrier is an able Strikecraft carrier and command centre with room for several squadrons of various kinds and even small freighters. Tough hull with a medium shield along with two forward facing heavy turbolasers defend it should its Strikecraft be destroyed.

It is also equipped with new Missile Jammers. These continuously block missiles and the coverage area can be strengthened when power is diverted from other systems.

"Win or lose, as long as the fight is worthy, then honor is gained. The glory at having triumphed over impossible odds is what drives us. If there's nothing at stake – your possessions, your life, your world – then the battle's meaningless. We Mandalore take everything we are and throw it into battle. It's the true test of yourself – the battle against death... against oblivion."
-Canderous Ordo

=Taung-type Battlecruiser=
A significant number of armaments are concealed beneath retractable armor panels all over the hull. Most of these are turbolaser and mass driver batteries, though there are also a number of rapid fire missile launchers and ion cannons. The hull is thickly armored. It is also hardened against electromagnetic attacks, which it is capable of absorbing to some degree. The majority of the energy is dispersed into the frame, leaving otherwise vulnerable systems within the ship unharmed.

On the defensive, instead of several heavy shield generators, the Taung relies on a network of several hundred smaller generators that overlap and reinforce each other like scales, these are present in large amounts.

Offensive weapons exist out of Super Heavy Concussive Missile Launchers as well as normal missile launchers and average Mass Drivers and Turbolaser cannons, its primary weapons are its two double-barrel Ultra-Heavy Mass Drivers. In addition to this, the Taung also has the Leech shield ability of its predecessor the Keldabe.

=Mythosaur-type Star Dreadnought=
The Mythosaur is the spiritual successor to the Shadow-class. Being built specifically to be the heart of offensive important Battlegroups, is assigned for heavy Mandalorian Strike Forces on important missions. Most of her systems are state of the art and focus on being a hard hitter, and survivor. The Mythosaur is a contender for the title of being the ultimate warship in the galaxy as well as a foreboding site to behold when it jumps in.

Dual forward Proton Beams and five double Ultra-Heavy Mass Drivers are its primary weapons. Secondary weapons exist out of Super-Heavy Concussion Missile Launchers as well as normal variants, Mass Drivers, Turbolasers and lasers are also present in large amounts. It can also Leech shields.

=Akaan Galaar-type Star Dreadnought=
The only one of its kind. The Akaan Galaar, which translates into War Hawk, is a colossal warship that serves as the flagship of the Armada.

It has several purposes, predominately to destroy enemy vessels with ease, command other warships and intimidate enemies with its sheer size and firepower.

The Akaan Galaar is armed with many weapons ranging from mass drivers to turbolasers and regular lasers to ion cannons and point defences and various types of missiles including super-heavy concussion missiles. It's primary armament includes quadrupole proton beams and seven ultra-heavy mass drivers.

To defend it, the Akaan Galaar has an immense amount of small shield generators to create a "scale skin", to ensure maximum safety there are also two backup heavy shield generators.

Among other systems, it is armed with advanced electronics and sensor equipment, gravity well generators, specialized repair units and subsystems. The sizeable hangars also ferry quite a hefty amount of Strikecraft, fitting for a craft its size.

*All Mandalorian combat platforms and systems have received upgrades, some even have changes to their design so read the last section of their description.*

"The clans act as if they aren't a threat, but the galaxy still fears us. Ha! People think we war out of spite, or bloodlust. They don't understand, and fear that."
-Canderous Ordo

"Warmaster, we think too often in terms of dualism: Jedi or Sith, light or dark, right or wrong. But there are three sides to this blade, not two, opposed and similar at the same time. The third edge is the Mandalorian."


Mandalorian defensive emplacements generally are obvious and large, capable of great destruction. These fortifications are rather few in number and not as diverse, this they make up with overwhelming firepower.

The BeskadTech designed Vazduh turret, was adopted as the primary anti-air and artillery emplacement for Mandalorian ground installations, outposts, and forward bases. It fires lightly shielded homing missiles. Larger versions are equipped with an automated targeting computer, IFF scanner, and an advanced sensor array. Whilst smaller versions have basic variants of aforementioned technology, the smaller versions are easy to carry and setup by infantry. Linked with other emplacements wirelessly, it can track targets outside of sensor range and coordinate fire.

The ultra-light shield module contained within each missile is not a defensive measure. Instead, it is used to eliminate air resistance, increasing the speed of the missile substantially.

One of the most classic Mandalorian principles is taking a big gun and making it shoot faster. The Mavor harkens to that tradition by presenting three immense mass drivers packed together on a central chassis.

With its three mass drivers the Mavor can fire quickly and with great stopping power, however, after its quick firing sequence it takes a long time to reload.

The Mavor also drains a lot of energy and takes up a large amount of space, the exotic materials required to make it are also quite expensive which make the Mavor a rare sight.

=Seismic Mines=
Void-7 seismic charges are powerful weapons capable of great destruction. Mandalorians take the charges and created makeshift mines, all forms of starships caught in the shockwave upon detonation will take serious damage and smaller vessels can be outright decimated.

Void-7 charges are expensive and extremely powerful, therefore they are not placed in overwhelming numbers as regular mines. Seismic mines are also very much spread out in order to prevent that one explosion detonates other mines, this leads to small gaps in the minefield.

Often described as "a metal box with a gun on it" the Telikos is just that. The stations are large in size but carry a limited crew and rather cramped, each Telikos is unique and named.

Armed with a single massive mass driver and several missile tubes as its main weapons, the Telikos is very powerful. The mass driver has a large fire range and uses its super-heavy concussion missiles to cover medium distance on its long reload, on short range it relies on support ships.

If enemy warships cross all ranges and attack the station, its armor will protect it to a large extent but sustained fire will bring a Telikos down.

The manufacturing costs of Telikos type stations make them rare and limited in number.


The following units and combat systems are not directly affiliated with the Mandalorian military, they fall under the category of Mandalorian Auxiliaries as stated by the Mandalorian Reforms.

=Naast Droids=
The translated name of the Destroyer Droid, the Naast has upgraded fighting capabilities over its Galactic Civil War version. The Naast are extremely fast moving when in ball mode but also very vulnerable.

When deployed they activate shields and their small legs can allow them to close to targets, Naast Droids use a combination of rapid ion and blaster cannons to annihilate infantry and disable vehicles.

=Auxilia Verd'ika=
Among the enthusiasts believing themselves to be Mandalorian are the Auxilia, these are given a mild training and a decent pay. The Auxilia are generally not mixed in with the true Mandalorian military but as their name suggests, serve as support units.

Auxilia are given what can be considered as modern Neo-crusader equipment, blasters of some quality and armor that can protect surprisingly well.

=Auxilia Onderon=
The Royal Militia of Onderon and defenders of proud defenders of Iziz, these troopers fill the ranks of the Auxilia corps. They are predominately deployed in their own sector.

Auxilia Onderon are valiant line troopers, good fighters in defensive emplacements and style themselves as aristocrats and knights in shining armor. Their discipline and nationalism keeps them from breaking into flight but they certainly are not the best troopers in the galaxy.

=Auxilia Drexl=
Natives of Dxun and to some extent Onderon, Drexl are winged lizards who possessed heavily muscled bodies covered by purple scales and teeth the size of a human arm. In addition to that, Drexl were also immune to Force influence to an extent.

The Onderonians tamed these beasts and became Beast Riders. Auxilia Drexl is not commonly found outside the Onderon sector.

=Auxilia Verpine=
Auxiliary soldiers from Roche, the Auxilia Verpine are deployed in limited numbers alongside the Mandalorian military and are predominately found on their homeworld of Roche.

Commonly armed with their unique Shatter weapons, personal shields, fiber mesh armors and headbands the Verpine are a terror to fight unless properly equipped.

Their biggest skill however lies in engineering, they are superb technicians.

=Auxilia Mandallia=
The Mandallian Giants were one of the few races who survived a war with the ancient Mandalorians, their battle prowess and similar culture led to them being incorporated into the Mandalorians.

Auxilia Mandallia are predominately found on their homeworld of Mandallia and inside the Mandalore sector.

They bring the literally heavy muscle to the Mandalorian military, they are larger then Wookiees and more powerful but also very slow. Their green scale-like skin is very protective and they wear light armor for additional protection.

=Auxilia Dathomiri=
The primitive tribes of Dathomir are home to the powerful Nightsisters, skilled practitioners of the dark side and illusion. They can trick even the most mentally disciplined sentients.

The Nightsisters are also great hunters and have even tamed the mighty Rancors who dwell on Dathomir, these Rancors are often more intelligent then their wild and savage counterparts and used as mounts by the Nightsisters.

It is uncommon for Auxilia Dathomiri Nightsisters to leave their homeworld of Dathomir.

=Auxilia Rancor=
Rancors were large carnivorous reptomammals native to the planet of Dathomir. Rancors walked on two relatively stubby legs, with longer forelimbs utilized for catching prey, though they also walked on all fours at times and had a short tail. A rancor's flat face was dominated by a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Although it had sharp teeth, It would often swallow smaller prey whole. The skin of a rancor was tough enough to deflect blaster bolts, making it an efficient killing machine.

=Auxilia Telos=
The modern incarnation of the old Telos Security Force. These Auxilia are peacekeepers first and foremost. Skilled in keeping the law and maintaining peace through means that go beyond combat.

Each Auxilia Telos has a lightweight body armor with protective flak vest and a defensive carbine. They carry around various gadgets for peacekeeping purposes.

=Auxilia Trandosha=
As a species, they were renowned across the galaxy for great strength. This is evidenced by several members of other species boasting physical prowess and power by having defeated a Trandoshan, either in battle or in a contest of strength.

For ranged weaponry, the Trandoshans designed Accelerated Charged Particle Guns; quite common were the Accelerated Charged Particle Array Gun, the Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, and the Gatling gauntlet. They also made use of the LJ-50 concussion rifle and Trandoshan Repeater Rifle. Both the Trandoshan Sword and the Trandoshan Double-Bladed Sword were traditionally forged using the rare ore Chalon which made them sharper and heavier than Republic blades.


Commanders may opt to use auxiliaries not on the list, such as those of the military pre-reforms. The SATMC does not encourage this but allows the freedom of the commanders.

Pre-Reforms Military

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